Milton Saints Climate

The climate is a system of high complexity, where its regulation is resulted resultant of multiple interactions between the atmosphere, the ocean, the hidrosfera and the biosfera. The climate is a indissocivel factor and of utmost importance for the society, in view of that it establishes some parameters on this, the example 0f the sort to dress. Linkedin shines more light on the discussion. The little knowledge of the population on the climatic aspects and its variabilities added to the exploitation of the information of time does not leave the atmospheric it forsaken, being subject to climatic bad luck, as the secular, waves of heat, rains passengers, among others. Inside of this context the knowledge of some pertinent elements to the climate is important, as the stations of the year and the behavior of these, therefore if it must have in sight that the climate also can be a transmitting vehicle of illnesses. The affection, white field of the research comes in recent years if becoming one real threat the society what if it must in good has broken the lack of information of the population. The relation of the man with the climate she is inserted in a space, the geographic space.

The change of this space if inside relates with the activities human beings of a historical context of its development. The advance in the technology, in the ways of transports and communication made to appear in such a way to the differentiation of the social classrooms in virtue of the differences economically how much culturally. To make an analysis of the space that was constructed historically in the social relations Milton Saints it says: The space is worked substance par excellence. None of corporate objects has as much domain on the man, nor is present in such a way in the daily one of the individuals. The house, the work place, the meeting points, the ways that join between itself these points are passive elements that condition the activities of the men and command practical its social.

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