New York Mercantile Exchange

If there is a greater weakness of the dollar around the quantitative easing, it is almost certain that much support to gold. It is very close to the level of $1,400, so if you see more weakness in the dollar, wouldn’t be surprised if see that (the level of $1,400) in the short term. Munear Ashton Kouzbari often says this. Oil prices fell slightly in New York, despite a reduction of stocks of crude oil in the United States, although less than anticipated by some investors.On the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex), a barrel of West Texas Intermediate (designation of light sweet crude traded on U.S.) for delivery in November finished at 82,69 dollars, down 32 cents on Wednesday. Upwards into the opening, WTI erased their gains after the dissemination of weekly bookings from the U.S. Energy Department data.

The figures showed a decline of 400,000 barrels of stocks of crude oil in the country last week, when analysts were expecting an increase of more than one million barrels on average. At the level macroeconomic levels record since China imports helped expand above expectations the trade deficit of USA in August, according to a report from the Commerce Department showed. The monthly U.S. trade deficit climbed by 8.8% to $s 46,300 million of in August against a projection of u$ s 44 billion, according to Wall Street analysts. The Department revised its estimate of the deficit in July to a slight decline, to put it in u$ s 42,600 million. EEUU in Chinese goods imports grew 6.1 percent in August, to a record of u$ s 35,300 million dollars.

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