Online Market

We have always thought that only large companies can perform this kind of logistics activity since they have the adequate budget; However at present, how to do a market research online is increasingly more accessible for small businesses. Many entrepreneurs can carry out a market research with support that gives us Internet and digital tools; with a planned and orderly work we can develop an excellent study of online market for your business. This study optenemos better vision of the business idea and the type of target market to which we are heading, will get special attention in competition and his modus operandi with customers. Make a study of online market so it is important to design and raise your marketing strategy. To raise the marketing strategy of your business online is necessary to use Internet as a starting point, but also the haras during throughout the entire market research strategic formulation. The search engines Web, like Google, will be your guide for get information, for both your target audience as seen making competition.

Follow these guidelines: 1. analyze your potential customers, is recommended for a better analizis segmenting to your potential customers, detailing their demands, socioeconomic characteristics, their expectations, describe it as best as possible so you can. 2 Define keywords for your target, audience when you have defined the public objective which we are heading, will be necessary to identify the key words (keywords) of our business. These keywords will be important to develop the sales letters that you broadcast your clients and also to generate traffic to your website and all that entails taking action in online media. For example, if your business will be selling Accessories for babies, three key words would be, bibs, newborn, baby bottles. You have to be either specific in these definitions. 3 Uses Google Trends to qualify your keywords, a free tool is google trends (trend) and is used to measure the traffic search they generate the keywords in google.

4 Look at the competition, must study the competition and know the competitive advantage that will allow us to propose strategies. To do this, we must follow these guidelines by Internet: make a list of the websites of competition, major Web sites, do a search by key words in the niche market of your business. Write down the first 10 or 20 results that Google shows you, avatar in a spreadsheet from excel to a higher order. Study the competition messages, visit the web sites of the competition, to see what is what is talking about or what is the message that is being done to get to that target audience that you are investigating.Get a list of products/services from the competition, noted that what this is offering competition, as this selling, at what price, your letter of sales, etc.Analyzes the paid ads, also reviews the sponsored Adwords ads, or in the listings for the people who are paying to advertise their sites in Google. 5. At the end a simple summary, and as a final point, let’s make a summary of the collected data, simple and at the same time complete. As we see does not require a big budget to make a study of online market, we must only know online tools to study customers and give them what they want.

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