Online Marketing

BANKINGNEWS Issue 06 June 21, 2010 Absatzstark measurable, scalable and completely one hears these arguments for several years by countless advisors when it comes to the benefits of the sales channel Internet for banks and financial institutions. But how can the propagated scales effects really access? And: how accurate are the measurements of the success of the campaign really? How can we ensure, that pays the Bank just for concluding realised, and for example doubling effects are excluded? With the counting of clicks, the tracking is no longer done. Rather transparent meta Trackinglosungen e.g. special agencies disclose through the intermediate stations on the Web the user came at the end of the product and combine the results of several tracking tools. The advantage: The campaign efficiency can be improved so very effectively. But above all, such meta Trackinglosungen the customers save money. To bring and help as high in the figurative sense, customers”to the prophets, or the company. Online marketing aims to win new customers for companies like e.g.

banks via the Internet. The finally realized sales or leads are the only relevant indicators but only at first glance. Because only if the ratio between input and output, can be spoken by a successful campaign. To achieve an economically optimal result, therefore online marketing campaigns must be continually optimized. Marketeers v. a. reliable figures crucial are, in addition to strategic strength and technical expertise. Important to know: what happens before the online degree? The necessary data are acquired through a continuous tracking of campaigns.

However the complexity increases with increasing size of the campaign: online marketeers are tracking the challenges that most online transactions through multiple contact of the user with different advertising come about. Therefore, it is important to know what happened before the actual conclusion. This means: the user is informed on the Web about good deals for a new checking account.

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