Operating Systems

It should be noted that this condition is desirable, but not mandatory, and in many cases it is possible to install a new operating system without upgrading the bios. If the system is slow or unstable due to bugs in the code of bios. However, remember that the speed and stability system is influenced by many other factors, so you'll first need to check the current settings of bios, the parameters of the equipment and the correct drivers, your operating system and applications. You should also find Update on the manufacturer's website, the description of which indicated that there were errors in your code bios. If the new version simply adds support for new processor, then most likely it will not help get rid of problems in computer. The current version of bios is damaged as a result of the system is unstable or not working at all. In the latter case, update the bios in the usual way and will not have to use one of the methods described in a note. If a compelling reason to update the bios is not from this operation should be abandoned.

Because then you have to re-examine and if necessary, edit the bios, and in some cases – reconfigure operating system or even reinstall it (for example, changing the operating mode ACPI). I reiterate that the current setting bios, operating system, hardware and applications affect the performance of the system many times, than the number of the installed version of bios. If a bios update is necessary, you should know clearly about the possible dangers of this procedure. To update you want to find a code file bios, which is designed exactly for your model of system board. Using the bios version on the other hand, even a very similar model, can lead to inoperable systems.

If you are upgrading should ensure reliability of supply, refuse to disperse, to take other measures to improve the stability of your computer. Any system failure could lead to the fact that the system can not boot afterwards. To upgrade, use the correct version of the program proshivalschikov that can be download motherboard manufacturer's website. Do not start the update, not sure if at least one of the listed items, and then we will consider this process in more detail.

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