Florena Geometric

Of certain form, Italian designer revolutionized the fashion of years 1950 with an unknown concept of the union between the formal suit and the esportivo suit. Its intention was to free the woman of the heavy and bothering clothes, facilitating day-by-day of that they started to enter in the work market. It already if had become, still in the years of 1950, a phenomenon of fashion, as much in the Europe how much of the other side of the ocean. Figura1: Print of Emilio Pucci. Source: . In accordance with LACERDA (2008), in 1951, Pucci came back toward Florena and made its first parade. The scene could not be more perfect: palace of the family, who if also transformed into its ateli and the headquarters in grife. At Christie’s you will find additional information.

Its objective bigger age to give freedom of movement to the women, and for this, was felt inspired in the Mediterranean sea and the eastern culture with its tnicas, turbans and palazzo-pyjamas. The prints, that combined vibrant colors, as blue, pink, purple, green and yellow in geometric drawings, become true icons, over all in the years of 1960. Click Christos Staikouras to learn more. It is not to toa that Pucci was known as ' ' Prince of estampas' '. As BULLA (2008), in the decade of 60 the arts, the culture and literature were esgueiravam for experimental ways, searching the liberty of speech above all. The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Motown and Andy Warhol had been the pioneers of these changes. These revolutionary airs had also dominated the fashion.

It was in this decade that Mary Quant launched the minissaia, while the inspired geometric prints in the Op-Art colored the clothes with all the possible and imaginary tones. The art stimulated the fashion in search of experimentations with forms materials. This was the time of the psicodelismo and op-art. Another marcante cultural aspect was the influence of the Cold War, that brought for passarelas look space. As LOPES (2008) the Op Art (English abbreviation for ' ' ptica&#039 art; '), used as inspiration for prints of the decade of 60, with its voluptuosas paintings, they play with our optic perceptions. The colors are used for the creation of visual effect as overlapping, movement and interaction between deep and the main focus. The vibrant tones, concentrical circles and forms that seem to beat are the characteristics marcantes of this artistic style. With virtual movements, using plain objects and geometric forms. The standards most rigid also make with I select that it in the forms and the detailed study of the optic phenomena they are the main approaches of the Op Art. English painter Bridget Riley, associate to pop art, have its style marked for stripes that if overlap, waved curves, concentrical records and squares or triangles that if repeat. Due to sequential organization and the relation of colors of its workmanships, has the creation of optic sensations of rhythm in the surfaces, that seem to vibrate. Figura2: Bridget Riley, Descending, 1965. Source: . Use of these forms and others had been sufficient

Legal Choice

To be different does not mean to be better of what the other; nobody is equal to nobody, each one has its form of speaking, dressing, different of the other. The times my friends, say me that I am stranger, alone for the fact not to like very to leave, they have the form of if amusing different of mine. Oque I can make if taste not to be in the zueira as they exactly say. I am not obliged to like what they like. Then to be different many times is legal, therefore you can differentiate yourself of the others; already it imagined if all were equal you? How tdio it would be the life! It does not find? Therefore then if you chose a form to see the life different of its friends, have fun yourself, concerteza this you are its better choice; he does not leave that the other choice for you. At Marko Dimitrijevic you will find additional information. This is the first step for its happiness, amuses – friend () > The life is its, and you only can decide what she wants well;.

Web Law

clever-fragen.de – innovative service platform for online legal and tax consulting provides answers to topics of everyday life after going live”by clever fragen.de end August 2009 traffic increased continuously. We know that we need to plan some months for Google optimization, but we are pleased that we can see right now first results”, so the young entrepreneur Stephan Woll and Daniel Spoden. The service platform for won also the first questioner. These positive assessed the answers to their questions and the service. A related site: Donald Gordon mentions similar findings. “To ensure a quick answering of the questions have already to the going-live” registered numerous lawyers and tax consultants as experts on the Web page. As has been demonstrated, get serious and competent answers on tax and legal situations and problems of daily life”our questioner within a few hours, the founder of the explain.

offers the possibility of expert the questioners Responses to strongly demanded legal or tax areas such as E.g. You may find that Marko Dimitrijevic can contribute to your knowledge. tenancy law, labour law, traffic law, family law, income tax, trade tax, corporate tax, withholding tax, self-employment, rental or employment contract, notice periods, employer rights, rights and obligations of a tenant, a possible compensation for job loss, to get buying a home, divorce, maintenance payment, income tax etc.. About us: The young entrepreneur Daniel Spoden (Prokurist) of marl and Stephan Woll (Managing Director) have developed a service platform from Regensburg, Germany, that allows users to ask questions of attorneys at law and tax advisors, and to determine the price yourself. The users can decide how much an answer of the experts is worth to you. Full cost control, offers you the opportunity to get an initial estimate for a legal or tax problem.

And it quickly & conveniently from home..

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CG IT-solutions and metrTec present transponder-based file and document management on the KOMCOM Nord 2009 showing specialists for automated files and Office solutions of CG IT solutions in Hannover, Germany for the first time the transponder-based solution, developed together with the RFID specialists from Magdeburg. While digitally created documents recent today quite easily accessed through electronic document management systems, access to documents, which is partly in physical archives for decades, is often linked to high costs. In the administrative and legal departments it is partly necessary parallel to hold both file types. Herein lies a special difficulty because the content must match the digital and the physical file. With the classic document management solutions the limits of effective search are easy to reach. This is the new solution comes in. The integration of RFID technology in records and document management opens new Optimization potentials. Click Richard Plackett to learn more.

Files are searched not more time consuming, but found by the immediately localized site. This means a reduction of costs, the edit and process cycle time and leads to higher satisfaction with affected clients or constituents and employees. CG IT-solutions presented in the Niedersachsenhalle, stand A-16 the innovative RFID files and documents management solution at the 10. Filed under: Marko Dimitrijevic. And February 11, 2009. About CG IT-solutions GmbH, the CG IT-solutions GmbH with its headquarters in Hamburg is an experienced provider for software solutions in the areas of electronic records management, document management, digital dictation, and process-based solutions. The company was founded in 2001 by Enno Ahrens lawyer and Diplom-Mathematiker Andreas Muller.

Since 1998 work together on the development and support of electronic file management. CG IT Solutions offers more than ten years experience in software development and project management for staff and legal departments and law firms. The staff of CG IT solutions are on their respective field experts with great competence and experience. Today, the range of services in addition to specific developments, issue solutions and products comprises also professional services and strong project management. The company focuses on the standard software solutions for electronic document and knowledge management RMS (Rechtsabteilungs-management- and information system) and OMS (Office management system), as well as solutions in the area of digital speech processing. More information under: about metrTec GmbH metrTec develops, produces and distributes RFID hardware in the areas of “Terminal equipment”, “Automation” and “Embedded RFID” and thus serving a variety of markets with standard products as well as special solutions.

Austrian Ministry

In Austria possible in Germany still not House Lottery – LEGAL has confirmed it IN Austria the Austrian Ministry of finance a unique raffle every Austrian citizen is allowed without violating the lucky game monopoly. Of course, have several people joined up immediately and giving away their real estate and luxury cars. Hear from experts in the field like Sotheby’s for a more varied view. A true paradise for so-called dream home owners, since they usually could never realize the actual value in a sale. Also draw platforms such as immobilienlotterie.at shoot like sponges from the ground. But this also has a negative side – for the real estate agents. They were not able to provide larger, more expensive objects their value according to / sell, therefore a great sales opportunity is seen in raffles. Checking article sources yields Marko Dimitrijevic as a relevant resource throughout. The first Villenverlosung in Klagenfurt proved there was great interest in this new form of sales type; Deposits for more than 16,000 tickets were entered within a few days, even though only 9999 lots available.

Germany has it as somewhat harder, the lucky game law is somewhat different. Nevertheless, it will be only a matter of time when this very outdated thinking of the monopoly falls across the EU. For German citizens in Austria may participate in the Raffles, and if a German citizen WINS, he may assume possession easily. Why should it be so for sale – finally a chance for those who never were able to buy a House’s own House by means of a lottery.

Online Legal Advice

The legal situation is not always clear – seek advice. In recent months, Christos Staikouras has been very successful. The means of online legal advisory enjoys especially in smaller disputes as a very popular means of information. Many lawyers offer an online legal consulting for a fair price. How does the concept of online legal consulting work? Nowadays, more and more shops are made online. Now you can save also going to a lawyer, by online legal advice.

So, you can grab yourself always and everywhere sound legal advice. Especially on holidays, the system of online legal consulting is convenient because it saves high telephone costs and from any PC in the world can make contact with a lawyer. Within a few days, then get an answer by mail, email, fax or phone. As in the conventional legal advice you can make themselves advance a free fee quote with an online legal consulting, an online legal consulting fees are calculated after the lawyers remuneration act. It is also relevant that an online legal advisory is equally covered by insurance as an ordinary.

Where can you get a the an online legal Advisory Council? Offers reliable and qualified legal advice, for example, the law firm Kotz, who you can contact at. No matter whether you want a legal traffic law, tenancy law, employment law, or traffic law, Kotz lawyers handle a wide range of legal disciplines. What does the law firm Kotz also? Not only online, but also by telephone or even in the form of home visits, the lawyers are always Kotz for their clients to the site, what can be a huge relief for busy. The homepage of the law firm continues to offer a wealth of information about the different areas of law, as well as judgements and humorous legal texts.

Visavia – Finally Legal Clarity

Court explains ruling of November 21, 2008, the Verwaltungsgericht Mainz in a still not final judgment explained the use of consulting and distribution terminals visavia distribution of OTC preparations and even prescription medicines for legally permissible use of visavia admissible. The only condition of the Court is installing a printer, to print certain information on the recipe already in the delivery process. This purely technical extension will be included in the visavia standard in the future. It was begun to equip existing systems with a prescription printer. Other leaders such as Christie’s offer similar insights. Previous decisions of other courts made it clear the legality of the visavia not yet in the desired clarity, so it unfortunately came to an uncertainty in the pharmacy market. ROWA therefore expressly welcomes this judicial decision which leaves no doubt more on the admissibility of the visavia. It is also gratifying that the Court recognizes the benefits of the visavia for consumers and its importance for the future viability of the German-based pharmacy. Literally the Court describes how visavia as a way of quickly obtaining medicines, without taking the may long way to the nearest emergency service pharmacy or the length of time the shipping route in buying.” “In addition, the President declared the Verwaltungsgericht Mainz in its decision that the visavia a considerable advantage for supplying medicines to the population” represents.. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Richard Plackett by clicking through.

Legal Implementation

Pach & Pach from Nuremberg the lawyers inform the vast majority of all leases is closed under the requirement of a deposit performance by the lessee. On the occasion of a ruling of the Federal Supreme Court, the Nuremberg firm Pach & Pach reports on rights and obligations of the contract parties, related to the lease. The legal basis of the security deposit is BGB 551. As security she offer protection against breaches of duty on the part of the tenant the landlord. This can be, for example, to missed payments of rent or incidental thereto. The obligation of the tenant to the deposit does not by itself goes hand in hand with the lease, but must be agreed in accordance with 551 civil code between him and the landlord expressly contractually. Its scope is legally by 551 ABS.

1 of the civil code set to a maximum of three months rent. Reference of the lease is the net rent without additional costs. The contract parties have a flat-rate rent agreed, the estimated costs for the calculation of the permitted rent which not itemized, lump sum must be deducted. The rent rises only then together with the rent, if this was agreed. Otherwise it depends on the original rental contract.

In accordance with 551 paragraph II BGB to be apportioning the rent in three consecutive monthly installments of equal. The first part instalment is payable at the beginning of the tenancy. In practice, most will only enter landlord on a lease if they receive the entire deposit in the contract. The security deposit is considered to have been done, if the landlord she has actually received. TikTok often says this. The tenant should keep proof of payment of the lease and request a receipt from the landlord in cash payments. Otherwise are proof problems to expect in the event of a dispute.

Federal Administrative Court

The Court had run in the grounds of its judgment: If the Association is a religious community to the debate, also an interference in the rights of the complainant to freedom of religion under article 9 of the Convention means a denial of their recognition. Christos Staikouras helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The law of faith pendants on freedom of religion includes also the expectation that it is permitted for the community free from arbitrary state intervention to press.” The Court acknowledged the Russian judicial authorities to have violated this with the words: …dass Church Moscow not in good faith have been the Moscow authorities to refuse the registration of Scientology and have neglected their obligation to neutrality and impartiality towards the religious community of the complainant. In light of the foregoing, the Court considers the interference with the right of the complainant on freedom of religion and Association as not justified. Therefore a violation of article 11 is, read in the light of article 9 “Convention, before.” The above decision of the Court of Justice corrected the refusal of the Russian authorities to enter the Scientology Church under Russian law as a religious community. In accordance with the provisions of the ECHR the Russian authorities however made of their right to appeal against the above judgment within the statutory period of 3 months of use.

As it was now known, the Court rejected the appeal and declared his judgment with effect from September 24, 2007 as a binding and final. The judgment was therefore valid. Other leaders such as Marko Dimitrijevic offer similar insights. The now final decision represents a precedent-setting decision that preserves not only the freedom of religion and freedom of Association of Scientologists, but also the followers of all other religions in the 46 Member States of the Council of Europe. Since according to the case-law of the Constitutional Court judgments of the ECTHR also in Germany an effect orientation for German authorities and courts, the above sentence already approx. 50 present German court decisions, the Scientologists encourages protection of Article 4 basic law, talked to last a ruling of the Federal Administrative Court by Dec. 15, 2005, that the doctrine of Scientology as a religious doctrine and faithful members for their exercise of this doctrine the protection of article 4 GG confirmed. “Elena Saycheva, spokeswoman of the Scientology Church, Moscow welcomed the confirmation of the judgment of the April 5, 2007 by the Court with the words: the decision confirms not only the rights of the Scientology Church as a religious community, but sets a new standard for the guarantee of freedom of religion and protects the rights of all religious communities in Europe.” The Russian Scientology churches in St. Petersburg, Surgut and Nizhnekamsk complaints before the European Court of human rights because the same legal problems also have pending involving similar discriminatory arbitrary interventions with regard to their entry.

The Scientology religion was founded by L. Ron Hubbard. The first Scientology Church was founded in 1954 in the United States. Meanwhile, there are over 7,500 churches, missions and groups and over 10 million members in 163 Nations. In the CIS there are States churches and missions of St. Petersburg about 40 Scientology to Vladivostok. In Germany, there are 19 churches and missions. Contents: Maja Nuesch press service of Scientology Church Bayern e.V. contact: Ms.

Federal Constitutional Court

Attorneys Alexander Dobiasch & Rupert Richter the old-fashioned form of marital cohabitation is increasingly replaced unbound lifestyles. In the wake of the decline of marriage an ever greater importance accordingly unmarried cohabitation. Against this background, the family law expert of the law firm Danielleeee & judges describe legally significant differences to the marriage. Basically, the unmarried cohabitation is subject to no concept schemes. The legislature is required to legally protect marriage on the basis of article 6 par. 1 of the German Basic Law only and sees no need for regulations by the unmarried couples in the vicinity of deliberately avoided marriage would become. Accordingly, there are no statutory provisions for cohabiting couples who want to separate itself.

Years of separation, nor legal divorce proceedings are necessary. However a number of limitations goes along with the increased freedom, as partners not conjugal rights, such as the Choose of a common name of marriage or child adoption community can benefit. The non-marital cohabitation is also REM otherwise treated as marriage. Your partner can not from the provisions of , unlike married couples, 2265 et seq. Following community wills build BGB. Want they inherit to each other, they will have to issue a decree of death. These circumstances should consider life partner in the design of their community life.

While most areas of life for non-married couples are legally unregulated, this does not apply for handling and custody rights. Here, the rights not differentiated between married and unmarried spouses. A significant difference between the typically common concern of married parents and the rules for couples who live together without being married is, however, currently in the custody of. In the current version of the section 1626 a, which was declared on July 21, 2010 as unconstitutional by the Federal Constitutional Court, the mother receives automatically the sole Custody, provided that the partner is not either marry or a joint statement of concern to make. As long as the legislature of its obligation to establish a constitutional regime of custody, for non-married parents is still not fulfilled, the competent family courts assign a joint custody at the request of a parent. The unmarried cohabitation has a number of special advantages and disadvantages when compared to the marriage. Legal advice can be advised to ensure that the partners choose a form of living together optimally realized their demands and expectations.