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Energy construction serves solar Cologne distribution customers by Phoenix in the future, 13 February 2013 the energy solar power systems GmbH is the German Phoenix solar distribution customers experienced systems to the page, which offers a competitive portfolio of products and reliable services to the solar trade. The publicly traded solar group Phoenix Solar AG focuses distribution in the future on the fast-growing solar markets in Asia and the United States. In addition to the trading and project activities of the European and international subsidiaries, Phoenix continues solar in Germany the profitable working business unit management and maintenance services for solar power plants. The distribution business from Germany out of the solar group is set and customers of energy construction continue. For many longtime German customers we have found a strong partner with energy construction, which will offer them a good and competent support in the future”, explains Dr.

Bernd Kohler, Chief Financial Officer of Phoenix Solar AG. Our partnership we confirm commitment to photovoltaics in Europe”our commitment to photovoltaics in Europe”, says Rene Medawar, Managing Director distribution in energy construction. Thanks to our efficient organization, our competitive rates and our cooperative corporate culture we will succeed, even in times of consolidation, reliably and continuously to the page are the German solar craft and to build on the successful work of Phoenix solar.” One of the leading providers of solar power systems in Europe is German company via power construction 1983 based energy construction. The business model of the company is service-oriented and is based on a central business area: the PV wholesale. As a powerful distributor power construction is the link between solar industry and solar craft. Energy construction offers a perfectly coordinated product portfolio that covers all relevant market and price segments. Numerous additional services offer customers direct competitive advantages.

Also created energy construction E-mobility concepts and provides the complete charging infrastructure including solar carports. Press contact: energy solar power systems GmbH Mrs Sabine Kamisli Tel.: + 49 (0) 221 98966-1502 E-Mail: for interview requests Mr Rene Medawar is always available. Phoenix Solar AG is a leading photovoltaic system integrator Phoenix Solar AG with headquarters in Sulzemoos at Munich. The group develops, plans, builds and takes over the management of large photovoltaic power plants and is a specialist wholesaler for complete solar power systems, solar modules and accessories. With subsidiaries on three continents, the company managed to get since its inception solar modules with a capacity of well over one gigawatt. Julian Brown can aid you in your search for knowledge. Phoenix Solar AG (ISIN DE000A0BVU93) shares are listed on the regulated market (Prime Standard) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. press contact: Phoenix Solar AG Deer Bergstrasse 8 D-85254 Sulzemoos contact press and public relations: Dr. Joachim Fleing Tel.: + 49 (0) 8135 938 315 fax: + 49 (0) 8135 938-399 E-Mail:

Main Advantages

All plants to disinfect water and wastewater series of “Lazur-M” have the characteristics of the irradiation of microorganisms in line with international standards for more than 40 mJ / sm.kv that provides a high degree of disinfection virtually all types of microorganisms for the next 30 years, taking into account the ongoing adaptation of microflora to ultraviolet radiation. Really starting irradiance in plants to disinfect water and wastewater series of “Lazur-M” 65-70 mJ / sm.kv. All companies in Russia have the worst performance. 2. The real cost of installation for disinfecting drinking water and wastewater “Lazur-M” with comparable doses of UV radiation by 1.5-2 times lower than that of the LIT, EGA-XXI Age, Lapek etc. 3.

Warranty period plant for disinfection of drinking water and waste water for at least 2 years, including all interchangeable elements: ultraviolet light and ultrasonic emitters and hosts. This is significantly higher than that of any company. 4. Donald Gordon Liberty Life may not feel the same. Simultaneous operation of UV (ultraviolet) and U.S. (ultrasonic) devices in the housing systems for disinfecting water and wastewater can reduce to 5-6 times the amount of chemicals if they are used by technology (Eg, swimming pools or other water recycling systems) .. And with the location of bactericidal plants after introduction of the disinfectant in place of the secondary chlorination significantly reduce the amount due effective despergirovaniya deziinfektanta ultrasound.

5. Plants for the disinfection of water and wastewater does not require chemical cleaning, which is important for disinfection of wastewater with low transparency and high amount of suspended solids. Installation of LIT need for transparency over 60% at 1 cm from UV radiation and no more than 2-3 mg / liter of suspended (ie, installing carbon filters, such as in Bratsk), and only if they are washed rare, but it is a very high cost. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is actively involved in the matter. 6. Ultrasonic transducers effectively kill giardia cysts and oocysts kristosporidii (see parasitological MU 3.2.1757.03) and with UV light to ensure complete sterilization. At disinfection of wastewater by ultraviolet radiation only the required minimum dose – more than 65 mJ / sm.kv, and for disinfection of natural drinking water of at least 45 mJ / sm.kv. 7. Plants for the disinfection of drinking water and wastewater ultraviolet and ultrasound series of “Lazur-M” are lightweight and compact. They do not require special foundations (as in LITA), because the weight of each module, high performance water does not exceed 250 kg (LITA 4000 kg). 8. The modular design of the stations and waste water disinfection units of 500 cubic meters / hour economically more advantageous, because standby has a lower price than LTL. Also, if you reduce the amount of water at night can disable some modules Azure, which results in significant savings of electricity consumed. 9. All modules for disinfection of water and waste water with ultraviolet light and ultrasound, “Lazur-M” assembled from easily replaceable units, which in Basically you can not even change completely disabling the installation. 10. All installations for disinfecting water and sewage by ultraviolet radiation and ultrasound series of “Lazur-M” have been thoroughly realistic certification in Russia and abroad, as evidenced by the relevant records and documents. Production Company “Svarog” certified under the international standard ISO 9001. 11. Production buildings, lamps, cabinets, etc. zadublirovany and equipped high-performance technology, which ensures short lead times. 12. All installations for disinfecting water and sewage by ultraviolet radiation from the use of ultrasound on the production run thoroughly tested in the assembled form, which ensures high reliability with minimal time expenses in the start-up mode at customers’ facilities.

A Formula To Begin As A Coach or Consultant

"My idea is first going to need some zippy flyers and a brochure" said an email from Matt last week. Unfortunately, it is the only one who thinks the first step to building a professional business is printing fliers and brochures. After all, that's what everybody does, right? And it seems like a logical place to start, right? Professionals is interesting that while most people call me by my marketing mentoring service are well established in search of a new advantage, Matt's message was one of the 14 e-mail me last week people are starting to build their practice. Sir Donald Gordon is likely to increase your knowledge. Everyone wanted to know the best way to start fast, but seemed to be obsessed with getting their flyers and brochures prepared. The fact is, "Zippy flyers and tri-folds" are a bad idea when you're starting. They can be expensive if you want to see sharp.

But even worse – they are so "inflexible." If you are just beginning, I am more than sure, that soon will pass through several "adjustments." I've seen people spend thousands of people in the "zippy brochures" only to find useless in a couple of months. So if you get brochures does not work what is the right way forward? Here's my sure-fire 10-step formula to quickly begin working as a coach or consultant. And if you are a well-established professional, these ten tips can only give you the kick up the backside that needs a new impetus to the market. 1. PLAN. Yes, I know you've heard this before, but very few people still take the time to do this.

Spreeforum International Gmb

This, the two experts can now also nationwide act with its extensive network and more 140 partners to help, if it is even close. “Thanks to Ultimo/q2b no project is more to great us”, Kneissl and arrow make it clear. With its spectrum, they are exactly the partner of federated search. Ultimo/q2b is interdisciplinary-oriented Federation with more than 140 independent entrepreneurs, consultants and specialists in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. See Lookheed Martin for more details and insights. The recognised and excellent franchise system recorded an annual partner increase by five to ten percent. Ultimo/q2b consists of two service areas.

Ultimo offers both all facets of business and management consulting as well Office and administration services. Under the brand name quality to business – q2b are all aspects of professional corporate communications such as graphic design, advertising, photography, PR and Offered online marketing. All partners are working individually or in interdisciplinary and customer-specific project teams according to customer requirements. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX addresses the importance of the matter here. The motto here is “Consulting with vision – implementation with success”. Ultimo/q2b is one of the top 100 franchise systems in Germany (business magazine impulse) and to the 30 fastest growing franchise cooperation (“starting up” issue 09/2008).

Ultimo/q2b is a member of numerous classic business associations such as the Federation of accountants and controllers (BVBC) and the Federation of independent accountants and chartered accountant (BBH). In addition, Ultimo/q2b is tested by the German franchisee Association (DFNV) and partner of the German Association of the founder.

United States

Don Shula has been exponent of coaching in the United States coaches coach.In the work culture is changed also the language, the attitude, the labour contractual almost disappears into a relationship of partners (company – employed) where what counts is mutual growth, development and learning with a common destiny: leadership. But, specifically, what is what is understood by coaching?, in this respect we are told, that is a system that includes concepts, structures, processes, work tools and measuring instruments and groups of persons; It also includes a leadership style, a particular form of select people or create groups of people in development. At the same time it helps employees to improve their work skills through praise and feedback positive based on observation.It is an activity that improves performance on an ongoing basis. Specifically, It is a conversation that involves at least two people in our case to a supervisor and an individual; Although sometimes it can be between a superior and his team.The concept that underlies this definition is that there has been no coaching unless a positive change has occurred.Managers, supervisors and leaders can have many types of conversations in which trying to improve some aspect of individual performance or equipment. But if some improvement does not occur, then what happened was some interaction of some sort, but not any interaction of coaching, and therefore, on productivity, business goals, definitely, coaching once you want to implement in an organization, will represent a great help, collaboration on the neuralgic, as in the human resource aspects, where the coach, management, leadership provides stimuli, actions, efforts that are sheltered from motivation, recognition, performance, favoring working groups, individuals in their personal and professional growth. Therefore it is very valid point, coaching then, open Windows to scrutinize new concepts, new integrated systems, techniques, tools and new technologies of business management that focus on: 1.

Graduated History

For such, each ‘ ‘ terreiro’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ centro’ ‘ it rescued of marcante form tradition of the espiritismo Kardecista for ones, or the tradition of the Candombl for others, or, still, the tradition of the Church Catholic. Specialist in History of the Culture Afro-Brazilian, Graduated History for the State University of the Maranho? UEMA, email: Important to point out that the Brazilian religious manifestations with African ancestry had been, since the beginning, an attempt of adaptation of the enslaved blacks that came of tribes and different religious traditions, to keep a cultural identity characterized that them. As Berkenbrock (1998, P. 143) because of the complexity said accurately, if it cannot say that rules exist that can explain the development of this process. The development of this process is, however, better understood when we interpret the sincretismo inside of the dynamics of the development of the society as a whole and of growing next to diverse religions. The Umbanda is a sincrtica religion for formation, either for its roots afro (represented for the Candombl), either for its European roots (Church Catholic and kardecista espiritismo), either for its aboriginal roots (the figure of paj, represented for? Caboclo? , use of specific plants, among others), in different occasions and depending on the region with greater or minor degree of influence of this or that part. Therefore, we can observe its diversity and capacity of adaptation and survival.

According to Birman (1985, P. 90) of these influences we find, therefore, Umbandas mixed with the Candombl, the Catolicismo, the Judaism, with eastern cults, Espiritismo, with the masonry, the Esoterism …. It is clearly, however, that some influences are more gifts of what others, as is the case of the Candombl, the Espiritismo and the Catolicismo. In this perspective this article comes to show the true function that the Umbanda carries through for the Brazilians in its ritualsticos works, of charity and faith, that always they search salvation.

Transforming Future

In poems of O’ Neill, as well as in the ones of Murilo Mendes, although the critical one that both dirigem to the present reality, seems to have an optimism in relation to the future, ‘ ‘ as one I appeal to a community for vir’ ‘. (Source: Rich Holmberg). Of lisboeta that it wants to divide its experience with the foreigner, to the desire of union between ‘ ‘ orphans of poesia’ ‘ , the desire of freedom and communion between the men resounds. In Murilo Mendes, the poem the future poet, of the book the Metamorphoses, in offers to a synthesis of this ‘ to them; ‘ to be/hoje’ ‘ ‘ ‘ to be/futuro’ ‘: The FUTURE POET the future poet already meets in the way of you. It was born of the land Prepared for generations of sensual and msticos: He appeared of the universe in crisis, the slaughter between brothers, Locking up in the spirit times superece of fishes. The calm man, the synthesis of all the races, the carrier of the life Leaves as much fight and negation, and the espremido blood. The future poet already lives in the pressentis way of you and not it. Manifest it the balance of multiple directions and will not allow that something if loses, will not finish to erase the pavio that still fumega, Transforming the steel of its sword Into penalties that will write comforting poems. The future poet will point the hell To the war generators, To that orphans and laborers asfixiam.

The denunciation, solidarity in relation to the oppressed ones, the desire of unit between the peoples, the dream of a future community and the overcoming of a reality that it gags to all, what also it can be noticed in O’ Neill, is transparent in this poem of Murilo Mendes, in the voice of a poet, Poet-Interventor.


We do not have more time to go until house one of the others to take a coffee together while we place the colloquy in day. We do not know the names of our neighbors. in way to this distanciamento the people feel themselves more and solitary, them they need somebody listens to that them, but few are ready to hear, while all need to relieve. It is in this space that the electronic writing if becomes something hot, almost concrete, therefore it in ‘ ‘ junta’ ‘ to other people. We can read the tragedies and joys one of the others, can to me even though see them them and ouviz them through web they cam and microphone. We also say in them with people of the other side of the planet and with the neighbor of from above apartment. We use a keyboard with our customer or fellow worker, with our person who orientates in the college.

Many couples change to ideas and messages through the e-mails. The electronic writing is, yes, of basic importance in the society. Impossible to think today without this tool. We pass well before having it, however, he would be very limiter to pass not to possess it more. As well as it was with the sprouting of the fire, the invention of the wheel, the electric energy, is also with the electronic writing. With it if it knows products, if it takes off doubts.

If I am interested in a book I go soon in the Internet and meeting blogs with summaries on them, I can there have an idea if to buy or it book will not be beneficial. That is, to even buy the printed matter I opt before to consulting the electronic. To have an idea until virtual museums with space to write already they exist, is about ‘ ‘ Museum of the Pessoa’ ‘. In it any registered in cadastre person has the chance to count its history and thus to have its history of life partilhada with thousand of other people, and consequentemente to know of all they. She possesss space for photos and videos: , I see this as an excellent chance of work with the pupils, for it I stimulate of the writing and reading. We, educators fit, to insert in the pupils the practical one of the electronic writing as party to suit of education and learning, to make with that this space is used for the critical development, and thus, that its productions acquire this look. It is a dynamic and innovative skill of if keeping ideas at the same time we spread where them. Papers burn, age, if they lose. Already the texts in the digital teia are eternalized, not to be that let us opt to erasing them.

Super Technology

They can at any time to roll and store away from the area. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Bill Phelan. Then under the guarantee and claims will have nowhere to turn. So they always do in a year or two of work. Follow others, such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari, and add to your knowledge base. Typically, these visiting companies open up shop in a crowded, has already proved the positive side, place. At christie’s art auction you will find additional information. Better yet, if this round living room so many people with low incomes, low education level, namely those who are easiest to fool with freebies. Such firms usually have a guest performers loud attractive name such as: "Super Technology "," Audio Video for all "," Techno maximum "can be a long time to come up with.

The purpose of the names of one – to be like the name of the large Moscow firms advertising that we occasionally see on tv. It is not strange, but method of selling cheap low-quality goods are also very good effect in places with a very high level of education. What is it caused? It's very simple. Firstly, it is an underlying belief of almost every Russian man, that one day and he would get mountains of gold for free. Second, the so-called mountain of the mind, or the inability (failure) to learn from others' mistakes. Especially because smart people do not tend to dwell on their mistakes. They better to keep silent about what they bought stuff for good money, pity 500-1000 rubles to the product of a famous company. So it turns out that smart to smarter still have to go through each of these dishonest "sellers of joy, promising Super opportunities, the quality, the joy of buying and confidence in the future, for the most lowest prices! How to protect yourself from the "expensive freebie"? Hardest to resist and do not spend money on poor quality (supposedly cheap) things when you are strongly encourage.


“The data Ideal: The previous work on the sense that guides, shapes them into the most heartfelt human aspirations, in order to obtain its progress, its progress and the time evolution of the DP. B-The Technique: It is what follows chronologically the study of the above items. It is the “tiny part”, if we use the term. The work of drawing, writing, structure and purpose of issuing legal norms. PayNet Inc. has similar goals. Here several factors involved legislative technique. This part contains all those elements that are worth the legislature for making the rules: Terms, words, assumptions, myths, ceremonies, procedures, rationale, etc. P.

Theory Roubia The development of positive content regulation must go through the study of data elements or life in society and for the consideration and application of the concept of Justice. The data of social life is represented in the economic, social and political or religious or moral. Economic factors play a role because they practically determine most of interpersonal relationships. However, those data provide no social life more than “a set of institutions and practices, which should be printed a character of justice, to have the authority of rules of law …” Summarizing we can conclude some part of the DP is a set of legal rules made by man, more precisely by a state or interstate body, or recognized by them, with adherence to formal procedures, which are currently in force or are mandatory for a social group. Theory of the Three Circles Maynas GARCIA EDUARDO GARCIA Maynas has a particular view of positive law, natural law and the force of law.