Pedagogic Hospital

1 HOSPITAL PEDAGOGIA Before if initiating the study concerning the subject in question, are intended to examine vocbulo Pedagogia first, as starting point of this work, later to arrive it the conceptualization of Pedagogia Hospitalar.O Pedagogia term, is originary of the old Greek paidagogs, that he was initially composed for paidos: child and goga: to lead or to follow. In this context, the concept if related to the slave who lead the children of its gentlemen to the school of the grammarian, the calculation, the lecture, and other places of education of the time. It folloied pedagogo, helped them it to load it the small luggage and the times until the lantern that served to illuminate the way. Today, the figure of the slave already does not exist, but pedagogo continues its function of illuminator, not with the lantern, but with the knowledge. According to Spider (2006, P. 65), the word paidagogos literally means that one that the child leads (parents, paids, child, agogs, that she leads).

Etimologicamente, the pedagogia word, derived of the term pedagogo, for the phonetic similarity and with elapsing of the time the term possibly passed to be used to mention the practical ones related the education. Vocbulo Pedagogia appeared for the first time in the dictionary of the French language in century XVIII as science of the Education. For some authors, (Frank, 2003; Libneo, 2005; Pepper, 1998), Pedagogia are the field of knowledge related to the education and the Pedagogo is the specialist in Pedagogia. The Pedagogia, according to Libneo (2005, P. 30), serves to investigate the nature, the purposes and the processes necessary to practical the educative ones with the objective to consider the accomplishment of these processes in some contexts where these practical occur. The author defines Pedagogia of the following form: Pedagogia is, then, the field of the knowledge that if occupies of the systematic study of the education, that is, of the educative act, practical educative the concrete one that if carry through in the society as one of the basic ingredients of configuration of the activity human being.

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