Postal Services

We recommend using validated postal agencies in implementing projects that involve the combination of personalization. Errors of personalization, as they say, not treated. That is necessary as minimum reprint editions 8.Nepravilno select a database for the mailing list on the proper selection of the database depends on the percentage of the response. If you buy a base on the disk in the transition, the percentage of the response to the very good proposal is unlikely to satisfy you. The response depends not only on the database, but the content of outgoing materials.

There is an understandable pattern: the larger the recipients, the lower the percentage of the response, ceteris paribus. How correctly to choose a base for the mailing list? To do this, need to clearly define your target audience. The main parameters for the database entities: Location (city, region, …) Profile of activity (main activity) Company size (determined indirectly, for example, the number of employees, turnover, frequency of participation in exhibitions, …) Age of the company for individuals, as a rule, much more parameters: Geography Social status of residence (manager, civil servant, businessman, …) Age Gender Income Data on use of goods and services The existence and nature of the property The presence and type of car 9.Narushayutsya rules of registration envelopes rules state that a direct address (to) must be placed in the lower right corner of the return address (Warning: It is mandatory on the envelope should be the return address) – in the upper left corner. Upper right corner is now dedicated to postal stamps. Thus, the upper-right corner should not contain any textual information, as well as the surface should be suitable for stamping. Clients often ask make a completely black envelope or envelope with a bright design on the entire surface of the envelope. Be careful on these envelopes with postage will have to paste special stickers, which increases the cost predpochtovoy training.

Ideally, provide print envelopes sweat agency 10.Ne processed refunds It can also be called a mistake. If you use the base for a series of mailings, you certainly are not interested in sending email to a nonexistent address. Processing of returns is cheaper than sending letters, even excluding the cost of printing materials. Ivanchenko Julia, CEO of the Postal Agency "Direct Drive

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