Prefabricated Metal Formworks

Metal, prefabricated formwork and other methods of construction. The great demand for the construction to fact that associated with this industry innovation is constant, especially in cost reduction and/or reduction of times of construction these priorities therefore determine the development of constructive systems essentially in series, is not strange, talking of factories housing, prefabricated elements, moving metal molds, etc. To constitute the process of casting and cast concrete step that requires more time, the innovation to focused their gaze to this process, developing curing accelerators and elements prefabricated as columns / steel beams, welded mesh, metal formwork, etc. Electro welded mesh Electrowelded mesh are a metallic product used in the construction industry for the preparation of foundations, pavers, paving, terraces etc. and this constituted by two bars or drawn-wire wires of similar diameter that intersect, in an orthogonal manner and they are joined by soldering points at the intersections. It is usual to find meshes of 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 mm, the same selection depends on the application and fundamentally loads that will endure, and may identify themselves, usually four types, standard meshes 6,00 x 2. 20 m, the special for prefabricated measure, adjusted to moulds panel dimensions, those for armed slabs that are manufactured with ends prepared for overlap in both directions and welded special wall, that are made to measure, according to the specifications of each project, and can be manufactured with different in the same pane column diameters wire mesh and beams are usually made up of Electrowelded mesh and can come at length determined by the customer but as usual is finding them 3 to 6 m, their placement is easy and can be fitted quickly due to good weldability of the material which forms them and install formwork are temporary metal molds that are assembled with the help of hardware quickly and safely, allowing give shape to the concrete to act as a mold of this, this system allows precision, safety and speed, its usefulness is great in works of great volume, now is this innovating system of construction Flying Form Systems, which is used in buildings and consists of a steel formwork that builds a single you see, at the base of the building and it makes it go up with the help of cranesmade of each of the subsequent floors, until at last it is disassembled and evacuated the offices of these materials are made in groups determined by the client according to the middle of loading and lifting of which one has, is important to emphasize that although it has many advantages the mounting bosses often magazine care especially in the big cities now than its edges and condition steel elastic reveal themselves as factors of risk, for staff that does work with them, this is because many times, to mobilize them in the narrow trails City Slickers and construction determine the need to wrap them for better handling, referred to some serious incidents associated with cuts in staff that handled without precaution, when these arrangements are released.

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