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Experts first tips on how companies can prevent, to go down to the extent of social networks. Seminar content check then the author gives useful hints for the selection of a suitable social media seminar: who looks after a seminar for beginners, is well advised to examine the contents of the seminar because many training courses already require basic knowledge. For beginners, it is as important to gain an overview of the different platforms of social media first. Then it applies specifically to select those media channels, on which is best to achieve own target group customers or even candidates. Select a suitable seminar Finally, the author recommends selected seminars and courses. The training courses for various target groups in the form of a seminar of the presence or online seminar will be offered. The recommended training offers two seminars of I.O. among BUSINESS seminars and trainings.

These are expert Internet consulting I.O Wuppertaler. ITSolutions performed. Both seminars are ideal for beginners and convey basic knowledge. Featured based seminars In the seminar “Social media for SMBs” learn professional handling with the twittering on Twitter, fan pages on Facebook, corporate presentations on XING and use other social media participants first. This building is among others about the importance of Unternehmensblogs, as well as to develop a social media strategy.

As the presentation of the company in each social media finds the right tone is topic of the seminar “Writing texts for social media and Web sites”. In this seminar, learn participants without journalistic experience inside knowledge to the terminology used in the various social media platforms and immediately practically implement the acquired knowledge by writing your own text. The post about the choice of social media seminars is the press review of I.O. BUSINESS consulting and training to the free download available. Links:-the post “social media marketing:”

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