President ECB

The risk premium is triggered to these poor results joined the escalation of the risk premium, the difference that a country must pay to borrow to 10 years with respect to Germany. In the Spanish case reached the 341, the highest level since August 5 the European Central Bank decided to buy sovereign debt of Spain and Italy. That day he came to exceed 410 at specific moments. The other Mediterranean country suspicious, Italy, watched as her cousin climbed to 370 basis points. In the intervened, Greece touched the 1,700 basis points, Portugal stood at 881, and of Ireland reached 683.

Investment of the ECB tensions in secondary debt markets have passed over the remarkable increase in purchases of debt from the ECB, which last week doubled the volume of its acquisition of public debt in the eurozone. In particular, the institution headed by Jean Claude Trichet reversed last week 13.305 million euros in the acquisition of sovereign debt of the eurozone countries, representing a total of 129,000 million euros from May 2010. In this way, the ECB has doubled the volume of their purchases of sovereign bonds from last week. They would have focused again in debt of Spain and Italy. Durao Barroso trafficking reassure despite seeking this Monday the President of the European Commission (EC), Barroso, reassure the markets by ensuring that Europe will grow modestly but without falling into a recession, investors reacted excessively, as indicated in the Analysis Department of Bankinter, disappointing most recent macroeconomic indicators. Experts are confident that next Thursday the European Central Bank (ECB) keep unchanged the interest rates in the euro area and renounce apply which would be the third rise of the year, at the time that expresses a stronger commitment in the purchase of bonds from countries such as Italy and Spain. Source of the news: the Ibex records its third worst fall of 2011 and rubs the loss of 8,000 points

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