The speed of the order in this case is 5 documents in one working day. A similar situation occurred in the company “Mova Service”. A pleasant male voice the question of the target language fluently translated into the channel estimates. I have been asked to send electronically scanned copy of the documents. And after an assessment to make an advance payment for execution related services that are not more nor less – 50 UAH. in one document without notarization. But I have promised to complete the transaction in a shorter time – 2 working days.

The second task of translation technology documentation from Ukrainian into English was easier in the decision than the last. Although there has been among the companies surveyed clear gap in key indicators. Excellent first choice of PSU “Dzhulay Morning” and satisfactory from the “M Antar.” A pleasant female voice consultant in the firm Dzhulay Morning gave me complete information about the problem and how to solve it, and leading questions were not on my side. I asked, refined details, and I had to invent the complexity literally on the move. The whole process of translation, given the complexity, would cost me 55 USD. for 1860 characters with spaces (A4). Puzzled only a matter of time. An interpreter can translate into day up to 10 pages of text.

So, if translation is needed “on the day before yesterday,” will have to connect a few people. That is, the client dilemma: a fast and qualitatively, because the document is better if the translator is one. After promising to consult with the leadership, I hung up. In Translation “Antar M” the situation has changed – now I had to fish out of the consultant’s relevant information. Although I note that, given the previous comprehensive response, it was not difficult. As a result, a call was able to learn about the criteria of translation, which I had not even asked to evaluate.

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