Reluz Life

The layer of the album backwards the image of the church baptist of the Lagoinha, in the photo it is perceived inside presence of many fidiciary offices in a cult or event of the church, and the heading very detached in the front of the same one. Bill Phelan contributes greatly to this topic. Giving a notion of that these fidiciary offices would be praising, ahead of the throne, and the recorded songs in it, were secular traditional hymns of the church and. The album also did not bring in its art great especificidades. The main effect generated for these elements is given credit that gifts, would be the beginning notion, of still saint, without many intentions directed toward the marketing, more still yes generating a curiosity how much to its content. Figure 03 Figure 04 Following in front at the beginning of the decade of 2000, we find the two groups of a different form, more balanced. Learn more at: Reshma Kewalramani. The album of the group Reluz Life (figure 03) that it passed of community of the church catholic for artistic group, intitled ' ' God imenso' ' , launched for an important recorder catholic he reached the mark of 100 a thousand copies more than vendidas, between fidiciary offices and fidiciary offices, not being gold record. In the layer of the album it is perceived presence of bigger artifices in the production of the image and representation of the message, an elaborated layer more than brings its heading and arms of directed faithful for the high one giving the notion of a really immense, distant God, that in skies if it finds inalcanvel, and these faithful searching reaches it. In deep a yellowish tone, that of a notion of end of afternoon, for of the sun, and that one determined light comes of the sky. of this time was not more hymns that composed the record, but yes songs elaborated for authors of the group.

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