Most of the advisers are able to find out that customers want. But you need a professional to discover the personal motivations that lead a client to want a particular service product. When more you know about your customers, more it may help them choose products or services appropriate to their needs and tastes. The objectives of the research must be stimulate the construction of a trust relationship, to identify the needs, desires and dissatisfactions of the potential client. Your prospects need to know that you are genuinely interested in them and in the hopes that you generated to buy. If they don’t trust you, difficult that buy you something will find it very.

On the contrary, if he manages to stimulate a trust relationship, likely that valued his opinion and decide to purchase products or services that you recommend. If you stimulate the confidence of the client and set the value of the product, the sale should come naturally. In general, time is lost in the demonstration and/or in the objection handling, when seller is unable to establish a fluid relationship with the potential buyer. Should you ask the questions are way that allows you to find out, first, what you want to the client, and then why you want it.

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