Ricardo Primero Fort

The eccentric, the famous, the striking, the millionaire Ricardo Fort, opened its own beach, to the South next to the lighthouse, at Nikki Beach, all pomp as in Ibiza. I was going to get in a boat and down on the beach with a gomon, but it seems that he is afraid of the water, according to versions, and it took everyone by surprise coming in two impresianantes Hummers, with his girlfriend Virginia Gallardo and an Entourage of escort. In the arena expected a crowd of people who chanted his name and sang the song of Pitbull, the hit of the summer. Accompanied in the opening were its cast, Adriana Salgueiro, Anabel Cherubito, Carolina Papaleo, Claudia Fernandez, Carlos Moreno and Gino Renni, all of the cast of fortune. The parador is on the beaches of the South, next to the lighthouse, has bars to take drinks, drinks, sinks, beds, umbrellas and wooden orientall-style tents. Essentially, a Vip, Ricardo Primero Fort carp sector said that never thought having a beach and is like the move of Ibiza. I am sincere in what I say and don’t have to suck the ass to anyone. I like the night, fun, I am a night bird took a caiporoshka and Pum up! Moria also had a beach, I identify with it by what he says, is a minasupersincera and that people want it, and admires her.

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