San Pedro

It is a training of trainers, with multiplier and productive effect. I.e. that participants commit themselves to disseminate the acquired knowledge in their respective localities and to participate in the creation and compilation of specialized vocabularies. Participants coming from: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. Sponsors:-Congress building, – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Directorate for cultural relations), – Ministry of education and culture, – National Secretariat of culture – municipality of Asuncion, – Bachelor’s degree in the Institute of Guarani language Languages top of the one-Paraguayan Commission of terminology (PARATERM) of the Polytechnic Faculty of the one, – national bilingualism Commission, and – multilingual Intercultural cooperation network. XXIV national seminar on analysis of BILINGUALISM PARAGUAYAN El ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI will perform the twenty-fourth national seminar on analysis of the PARAGUAYAN BILINGUALISM, on Sunday 28 June 2009. This great undertaking which will seat the shed the city’s Ky yindy Muncipal, will extend from 07: 30 to 17: 30 hours. It should be noted that this seminar was instituted by the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI and is held annually since 1986, with the itinerant.

Previous editions took place in Ka aguasu (1991), Ciudad del Este (1992), Paraguari (1993), Itakuruvi de la Cordillera (1994), Aregua (1995), Villarrica (1996), Fernando de la Mora (1997 and 1998), Pedro Juan Caballero (1999), San Pedro de el Ykuamandyju (2000), Ka (2001) asapa, Obligado (2002), Curuguaty (2003), Pilar (2004), Villa Hayes (2005), Concepcion (2006), San Lorenzo (2007) and j. Eulogia Estigarribia (2008). For more information go to the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI (021-520.276); to any of the regional of the ATHENAEUM; or by writing to the email: Jepiveguaicha ko amandaje ombyatyta hetaiterei tapichape ohesa yijo hagua Guarani has Castilian puru nane retame, taha has ehape: ogapype, ehaope, apohape, tavapy mba opaite mbo has okahare, mita tera kakuaava jurupe. Aiporo heta temiandu pora ikatu SBI upe amandaje guasugui.

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