They are not the students who do not learn, are the professors who not ensinam.’ ‘ (BLACKSMITH AND CAMARGO, 2003). This affirmation seems to be old, but still it is a reality to see professors of this substance lecionando without having its complete formation or much little to be formed in this area. ‘ ‘ About 23% of the professors of mathematics of average education in the Country they do not have superior course. They had completed but proper average education – exactly escolaridade level for which they give lessons. Others 21%, approximately, are graduated other areas, that can be next to the mathematics, as Data processing and Sciences Countable, or well distant, as Letters. But 20% are formed in fact in Matemtica.’ ‘ (G1 pud the State of So Paulo, 2008). Of this form, we can perceive that a well formed professor, will make with that the beginning of education mathematics learning will make that this pupil not only learns only to show to this pupil as to make the calculation, but mainly, where this calculation can be made in the day the day, finishing with that famous question them pupils: so that I go to use everything this? Of eye in this, the facultieses and universities are each time improving the formandos that make licenciatura, so that they better have resulted when and to enter in classroom, not to know only the content and yes, as to construct this content for the pupils teaching to the future professors to observe plus its pupils to choose the pedagogical forms better and to observe the main difficulties of the pupils so that the professor obtains the result that as much desires: the success in the understanding of the mathematics substance. But why it will be that as many professors of mathematics in the market do not exist? In accordance with an interview made with Hilrio Alencar, president of the Brazilian Society of Mathematics: sic ‘ ‘ the lack if basically must to the degradantes paid wages the professors.

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