It does not have nothing more strange, painful and frustrating when the expectations that we create on something follow for the opposing way. After all, they are ideas, actions and attitudes meticulously created that we generate around we ourselves. we want that these ideas and wills give certain. But in the life, nor everything they are flowers. As much that, throughout my day, I follow learning that the side bitter taste also is part of day-by-day of any the one. It does not import the type of life or as either the person. They are reflected and mysteries of some karma, prisoners back in the past, that in to the tests and circusntncias for the present send to them. I do not go to prolongate, to cite cases or then to try to fill some gap that ends any frustration that exists in me or that it comes to develop. The only thing that desire for my soul is to have tranquilidade and power to enjoy of a correct, worthy life, of flowers and fruits. that I have much sugar to sweeten any moment bitter taste that I find to the front

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