South America

As a result, guests and parasites tend to coevolucionar until a certain degree of mutual tolerance. Therefore, it is common to see many countries strongly accustomed to having United States involved in the decision-making of the Government, the direction of large companies in host countries, as that are dedicated to the exploitation of oil, banana production, which should be primarily for the benefit of native countries today. Regarding the defense or revolt of the guests, there are vaccines that can be used against many viruses and bacteria, but no truly effective vaccine against none. USA has become a truly powerful nation, which has a significant degree of influence in Latin America, and through the years, various political movements, economic in our region, they have wanted to put an end to such a domain, but unfortunately, until now it has been in vain, United States has always found a way to recover its power despite the different actions of rebelliousness of his subjects. Surprisingly, we find a striking case of uprising which has been presenting the recent years in South America, and this has little bit has been releasing fierce claws American, so much so that many political analysts have described him as a country that is trying to break the umbilical cord that powers unfairly at the expense of Latin America United States, it is the case of Venezuela and its President Hugo Chavez, through the nationalization of companies, agreements breaks, look towards other markets, thus to live free once, this is the famous revolution Bolivarian this was just the hors of everything that would come to Latin America.

After the 1940s, United States began training military Latin Americans, giving them a highly powerful ingredient: policy, which would run counter to communism; they started birth guerrillas who fought for social reforms, etc. and opposed the military dictatorships encarnecieron further, intensified human rights violations, massacres, disappearances, torture, all in order to keep the population of regulated left in, reducing its success in expanding and strengthening, modifying its reformist behavior, and even produce his deathequal to what do parasites in the animal Kingdom… The paragraph then describes other parasitic agents conduct and the adoption of this behavior by the United States in Latin America: the ability to regulate the population of some species guests, reduce their reproductive success, modify your behavior and even lead to his death.

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