South Korea

Other ideas revolve around the overall quality and continuous evaluation of operations and how it gives the customer service. What is meant by re-engineering? Re-engineering means starting fresh start again, re-engineering is not doing more with less, is less to give more to the customer. The aim is to do what we’re doing, but do it better, work smarter. Is to redesign the processes so that these are not fragmented. Then the company can manage without the bureaucracies and inefficiencies.

Properly speaking, “Re-engineering is the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical measures and current performance such as cost, quality, service and speed “The current reality and their characteristics must be considered in terms of scope, impact of re-engineering, consider their objectives in very dynamic scenarios within a business environment that is alarming, to: Analyze the ambition and greater recognition of the competition. dge. All this wanting to Leading the market, be the first from the ability to do business.

The most notable competition comes in the property market consumption produced by Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. Study the economy (unstable and unpredictable). In the case of Venezuela there is an economic downturn. To study the acceleration in the introduction of products and greater choice. The world has become in a village where all organizations offer their products or services, presenting quality alternatives, and analyze the rapidly changing economic and political environment. The countries are adapting to free trade with adjustment measures macro. To determine the emergence of multiple markets with further fragmentation and constant change.

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