Steinbeis College

This experience will benefit especially the graduates. In Munich-Perlach, Kari communications has opened a second branch for the training in 2009 in addition to the long-standing headquarters Stuttgart. The Director, Ali Krober and Prof. Dietmar Krober, accompany any coach training personally. Both the Manager and the coach are available as a point of contact available. You give constructive tips and examples from their own practice for the future work and assistance for the implementation of the learning. In addition, the training leave much time for practice exercises and group work.

The experience of the different coaching formats on my own body is essential for later work as a coach. Indispensable, so that each coach is as good as the client deserves. Ebrahim Krober called give the clients the best version of me as a coach.” Exactly that teach you and your team. The training modules take place either at the weekend or during the week. The courses on weekdays are particularly suitable for professionals who are focused on busy weekends or provided free by their employers for the training. Since its introduction, this offer Kari communication is highly sought after. Independent certification experience with a large network within the training and Coachingbranche has produced since short another, should not be underestimated advantage, the certification by the renowned Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin. So far, these certifications will be made by the training and Coachingverbanden.

In cooperation with the Steinbeis College, one of the largest private universities for postgraduate master’s degree programmes in Germany, has now made possible Germany’s first independent certification Kari communication. After completed the systemic business coach training, the graduate has the right the label to “Systemic business coach (SHB)”. Thus, the client has the security of a neutral seal of approval, guaranteeing a high-quality education with recognised high standards.

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