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Professional Direct MARKETING

2010, focusing on audience segments and the possibility of addressing individual target individuals open new book 1st Edition, issue an immense potential of the acquisition. Building and the systematic maintenance of customer relationships prove to be more than decisive factors for the long-term success of the company. There are many sources for the purchase of […]

CEO Andreas Chuck Bauer

Policy can contribute to the credibility of”the low credibility of social media is in our opinion repeatedly expressed criticism of the low density of journalistic quality. Companies can address this problem, by they train their employees in the passive and active use of social media”, says Lou Cloos by Cloos + partner. In the same […]

Personalised USB Flash Drives

Reach more customers with intelligent advertising articles USB flash drives have become nowadays an essential advertising media for customer acquisition and customer promotion at trade fairs, exhibitions and other events. Just the possibility of one with the company logo printed or engraved USB flash drive with data (such as corporate presentations, quick-link to the company’s […]

VDI Jochen Bercker

So will your Web site to new customers solenoid how successful are actually with your acquisition? And how much time you spend per week? Have employees who take over the customer acquisition for you or have you committed even your own valuable time? Probably you already know that companies nowadays need a website and most […]

Internet Agency

Online Agency cross over point from Brunswick takes over online marketing by Angel Domaene.de the Brunswick online agency cross over point, crossoverpoint.de, accepts advertising marketing and the keyword with the search engine online marketing of the E-commerce shop Angel-Domaene.de (Angel domain). This is a more E-commerce platform in the client portfolio of the Brunswick online […]

Email Marketing Success

Solution emarsys broadcast familiar notebooksbilliger.de for several months when sending newsletters to the email marketing, broadcast Germany’s largest computer online shop opts for notebooksbiliger.de emarsys. Since the introduction of the emarsys tools notebooksbilliger.de has fundamental successes. Due to the shipping speed, providing the tool up to 1,000,000 emails are sent in 10 minutes. Thanks to […]


How HP customers could celebrate their new laptop in her wish restaurant. The leading provider of lifestyle, leisure and travel awards from Frankfurt, its portfolio has expanded. TLC marketing offers now also the VIP version fixed beside an existing Federation of Germany far Rewards partner, after customers E.g. for a 2for1-candle-light-dinner may determine your restaurant […]

Ulrike Mussigbrodt

diewiledeehederwerbung guerrilla action for Henkel with unconventional guerilla a measure for the cooling lubricant Multan developed the Henkel group enters an atypical for him so far terrain in product communication. The focus of which is the international campaign, which was designed by the Dusseldorf agency diewildeehederwerbung, bacteria must stay outside the guerrilla action”. Thus, the […]

Cologne Tel

So, as a website today to the compulsory programme of each company belongs, so the social media marketing as an element of online marketing will increasingly crowd out the instruments of classical marketing. Such assertions of proponents cannot be but currently still with figures and facts show. Earlier, sat it in society around the fire […]

Mobile Communications

Precise objective group achieve via the use of Bluetooth, which transmit the content to the mobile phone by individual content Bluetooth Marketing. These stations are very compact and therefore extremely flexible, so it can easily be attached to pillars, shop Windows and of course promotion and exhibition stands. This form of marketing is therefore suited […]