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Honda Accord

Now count the cost of ownership Lancer. Suppose we also buy it on credit for two years at 9% per annum (concessional credit programs for the desired conditions do not exist). As a result, the machine cost $ 17,116. We add to this sum, $ 2600 for a two-year insurance policy on the minimum fare, […]

Car Insurance

In this article I want to touch on themes car insurance, whether you want to insure your car at the auto Hull, pros and cons, where it is more convenient to insure your car. To begin with, that I myself spent several years in insurance and I know the principle of insurance companies, which is […]

Tips For Those Who Want To Learn To Drive

It has long been interested in becoming a motorist, much like light or will soon take the exam in the traffic police, this portal is for you! Our portal is designed specifically for those who are not indifferent to the machines, who have a childhood dream of "Iron horse "and finally decided to realize his […]

Good Driving Schools

Today the settlement sets specific rules. In the first place on the speed of life. If you want to be a successful citizen, it is important to have time to perform a large number of cases for a minimum period of time. And it is not always necessary to eliminate possible problems in the nearest […]