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Renault Samsung

As an alternative, Renault for the Koleos with front-wheel drive offers 2.5 126 kW/171 HP 16V four-cylinder gasoline engines. When all Koleos, a modern 6-speed manual transmission transfers the power engines on the wheels. A 6-speed automatic transmission is also available for the 2.0 dCi FAP 110 kW/150 PS version. The Koleos models with manual […]

Glaser Dresden

Fast professional disc repair save money auto glass glass damage can happen to anyone. A stone thrown on or the cargo before the truck ahead may damage the windshield. What to do in such a situation? Experience has shown that many motorists continue simply, until one day the disc breaks. That happens to you during […]

Porsche Cayenne

Which model from Stuttgart of the car rental company has put Avis on the largest marketplace for rentals online is presented here: the Porsche Boxster convertible S he should never be missed. Experience a roadster in its purest form. The new Boxster takes one in the form of convertible Anyway the breath. Since 1996 the […]


and for tests of long trucks on highways the traffic increases. From year to year. Unstoppable. Philippe Lavertu has similar goals. In the year 2025, experts with 20% more car traffic and 75% more truck traffic. The freight by legendary 200% is expected to increase on some motorways such as the A2 and A6. That […]

Certificates For Passenger Cars With Yellow Badge

Technical testing laboratory in DEKRA is offices of the capital region Nichtnachrustbarkeits certificates from Berlin/Potsdam – Berlin introducing the second stage of the environmental zone in January 2010, only vehicles with a green environmental badge in the environmental area and in the city centre may drive – unless you have an exemption. The DEKRA indicate […]

Dominican Republic

Today you can find a motorcycle dealership Harley Davidson in many countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Greece, and a largisimo and so on. Harley Davison, mark when things get difficult is when people we grow, some companies also. Harley was consolidated as one of the […]

Ltd Growth

Crusher breaks through abominable market industry Despite the bad news that the engineering machinery industry is affected by the objective environment, the entire industry sales decline and the capital chain is tense, its first quarter still has its bright spots. First of all, this lies in its export. There is a total number of 1693 […]