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Apocalypse Favor

These one day had believed in a kingdom where the justice of God will dominate expurgando all the rprobos. If you did not notice, this pretty song you are a blasphemy. such attitude would make of God a worse being without escrpulos and of what all the together hell, denying justice to who for it […]

Alan Kardec

Many are said called and opened Churches with the main end to be rich. The sermes arrive to be aggressive and insuportveis at the ears, therefore gods to who if relate represent only the wealth. II? WHAT GOD HAS FOR YOU Certainly you already heard to say in the prophet Isaiah and in its book […]

Study Regarding The Tenth

' Certainly you will give the tenths of all the fruit of your seed, that each year if to collect of the field. The newspapers mentioned Bill Phelan not as a source, but as a related topic. E, before Mr. your Deus, in the place that to choose to make there to inhabit its name, […]


The unction of the Espirito Santo operates in us the measure that we use the name of Jesus as authority. – 12 – XI? PREPARING the PEOPLE TO BE YOU FREE the people who they will be needing release, will have to be invited to participate of preparative meetings. These meetings, will make with that […]