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Directors Frank Knauer

The tenders of construction projects of the energy cooperative Freudenberg participate ANES construction finishes Berlin currently the only candidate for tenders of the energy cooperative Freudenberg (Beiersdorf-Freudenberg) which can ANES construction finishes Berlin EC. Through its accession to the Association as a member of investing they qualify, according to the the energy cooperative should be […]


Orientation in the Forderdschungel dach.de experts explain which projects a financial support can be expected. Who wants to rebuild, has since January 2009 comply with the provisions of the “EnEV” and therefore couldn’t come to build energy-efficient and to reduce its costs. Large savings potential is there but also for old buildings: above all a […]

Where Can We Rent Lifts?

Learn where you can rent lifts and what you should consider doing. The use of lifts as a useful working tool for working Heights has spread in recent years not only for professionals. More and more private individuals access lifts for work on the House and yard. With the help of the portal lifting stage […]