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Features Of Modern Manufacturing Printing Products

Features of modern manufacturing printed products. During the appearance of the first printing press to the present day a lot has happened, that much has changed, though the basic principles remain. In this article I stop leash on some products produced by modern printing, namely the booklets, posters, calendars and business cards. To date, booklets […]

Negotiation Times

To category management was able to maximize the impact a retailer, you need to make sure that the category manager is qualified in the following areas: 1. Analyst 2. Negotiations 3. Merchandising 1.ANALITIKA know the expression 'you can not manage what you can not measure', so the Category Manager has to create, analyze and react […]

Packed Your Company

Packaging has become a much more important element of what you believe. In these times, package your product says much more than the product itself. Why is this? Because to make someone buy your product, without first knowing the benefits that this will bring them, you it must first convince with your packaging packaging to […]