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Energy Transformation

A short circuit or consequences is the hasty reduction of the feed-in tariff? The feed-in tariff is significantly reduced, some up to 30%… Also dropped the self-consumption scheme Yes due to the ongoing price increase was always interesting. (Thus we experience a price increase in the tip up to 10% and an average 3.4% this […]

Energy Construction Services In Future Distribution Customers By Phoenix Solar

Energy construction serves solar Cologne distribution customers by Phoenix in the future, 13 February 2013 the energy solar power systems GmbH is the German Phoenix solar distribution customers experienced systems to the page, which offers a competitive portfolio of products and reliable services to the solar trade. The publicly traded solar group Phoenix Solar AG […]

New Trees For Rhine Hagen

Certificate for sustainable cooperation between the Hannover Congress Centrum and Piepenbrock Osnabruck, 01.04.2011 – with the handing over of a document Carsten Warneboldt, Piepenbrock thanked Branch Manager Hannover/Laatzen, at Lutz Wohlers, head of building management of the Hannover Congress Centrum (HCC), for the start of a partnership. Piepenbrock has since January 1, the new Gebaudereinigungsdienstleister […]

Piepenbrock Goes Green

The vehicle uses converted just 3.3 litres/100 km diesel equivalent.” A full-fledged vehicle of the compact class of the B-class F-CELL is a fully suitable for everyday use vehicle in which all components of the fuel cell drive space-saving store in the sandwich floor of the vehicle. A liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery as the energy carrier […]

The Modern Farmer

The demand for energy from renewable resources is as large as ever. For agriculture opens the way with the intensive cultivation of renewable raw materials to make a contribution to cover the increasing energy needs, create jobs in rural areas and to reduce the greenhouse effect. Whether for producing fuel, the heat or electricity that […]