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Unit Inspection Assessment

It is clear that the court and the facade of the building at night to photograph possible. The lack of photos – a good reason for denial of credit. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary problems with the bank in the future, it is better to agree on the Unit Inspection in the daytime, of course, given […]

Riga Market

As noted by Yevgeny Ivanov, general director of "Estates": "Thanks to the active construction of large residential complexes in more remote from Moscow Pestovo Ikshinskom and reservoirs in the near future there will be 5.4 yacht clubs, targeted mainly at the future residents of these settlements and their guests. " Dmitrovsky highway infrastructure, in addition […]

Myths Of The Land Market

Any sphere of human society has its stereotypes and its mythology. Not escaped this fate and the Russian land market. In this article we highlight some of the deep-rooted misconceptions and beliefs which are often guided by our fellow citizens in solving the pressing land question. The cases are based on the actual practice of […]

Park Palace

Elite housing must have a high level of security, including a 24-hour professional security, system CCTV, access control, in the lobby and in the area. The important role played by the reputation of the builder. Contractor, is usually the well-known foreign company. Interior space is also of great importance and must correspond to the status […]