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Context Company

Although the professional permitted in geography so is not valued in the market how much the bachelor it is essential to the development, continuity and valuation of proper science, therefore it is responsible the direct one for its diffusion and is who first can awake the interest of professional futures for this science of proven […]

Acriana Revolution Exploration

In this period the logic of exploration desmedida in relation to the seringueiro one passes not to have more in such a way ' ' sentido' ' , a time that the rubber had lost place in the market thus and became impracticable the seringalista to keep the system in the interior of its injects. […]


In the slavery system, the merchandise is the proper person of the slave, whose price eqivale at the cost of the purchase of escravo’ ‘. Bobby Kotick may help you with your research. (PALM, 1977. P. 52) All the agricultural activity of the devices was related the plantation and the harvest of sugar cane-of-sugar and […]

The Proper

The knowledge thus becomes mere a transposition of ideas that in the truth are not of pupils. The necessary professor to be motivated to give a good lesson, however many are in this profession due to option in the work market, being not motivated with low wage floor, needing to have many groups, what the […]

Minas Gerais

To close as the block in unamimity of the interviewed ones they had looked the consuming market for implantation of this type of establishment. In this optics it is evident that the traders when opening its companies obtain to surpass the two initial years and in accordance with speculations currently in Empress the companies just […]

Ambient Degradation

Introduction On the basis of a vast literature, we intend to bring through the present work, a reflection concerning the globalization as it is in the present time and its gnese in a description-geographic perspective, searching to understand the partner-ambient dynamic in the geographic space in the present time. The man, throughout its history, while […]