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Communicate a dismissal to a person for organizational or economic reasons is one of the toughest tasks which are entitled to perform human resource professionals. Bennett Rosenthal LAFC Owner recognizes the significance of this. There are human resources professionals who have not been able to suppress tears in the communication of the dismissal, to consider […]

Decathlon World

As surely sense I am not referring to baptism name or the family. Perhaps these are some questions that always have been made at all times of mankind. There are a whole series of philosophical currents that give answers to these questions. In our Christian Western civilization include Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine and, years […]

San Pedro

It is a training of trainers, with multiplier and productive effect. I.e. that participants commit themselves to disseminate the acquired knowledge in their respective localities and to participate in the creation and compilation of specialized vocabularies. Participants coming from: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. Sponsors:-Congress building, – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Directorate for cultural relations), […]

Review Poems

The acidic tenderness or everyday poems, Karina Valcarcel Gladys Mendia Peru has a remarkable, remarkable, poetic tradition above all taste much of the avant-garde writers who knew how to give a great revolt to the language, movement that influences the current voices of our entire continent until today. Today still appear verses that traps us […]

Educational Marketing

What represents in the present educational marketing, especially by its scope, impact, everything that entails to know to negotiate the education needs cannot be ignored. We are referring this to the education according to our behavior of market based on this demand, makes use of all the foundations of markets, the important thing is how […]

Merry Christmas

Today, 25 December 2010, Christmas, is the day of birth of Jesus, our Lord, a wonderful day, with sorties meanings for believers, for everyone who believes in God. I take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays, say Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, human beings that you imported. Normally, on Christmas day […]

Madrid Political

From this electoral marketing consultant focus their services according to the parameters of excellence, independence, transparency, professionalism and honesty. And this is possible because MKE integrates a multidisciplinary team of more than twenty professionals of the highest level capable of working in very diverse areas, to achieve a comprehensive service in which a candidate can […]

The Cathedral Basilica

Being the capital, Manizales is a road axis of particular importance. In the today are carried out important buildings of road mesh, avenues, elevated bridges, shopping malls and hypermarkets that will give greater dynamism to this city. There are multiple routes of buses, vans and collectives to allow scroll to any neighborhood in the city […]