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ERP Portal

The Web portal ‘ ERP Guide. de’ are as independent industry book titled ”enterprise resource planning (ERP) today in live operation. “Baldham 18.11.2009 – after approximately 2 months in test mode changes the independent trade book and information portal on the subject of ERP” today in live operation. The ERP guide aims to give visitors […]

Federal President

The hardware is not quite fresh, after the expiry of the twelve-month lease then just the latest will be rented, without having the old parts even before their return on investment in the evidence must be mothballed. Even the largest cost factor, skilled personnel, can be formed in a clearly calculable monthly billing. No obligation […]

Smartphone Market

“auvito.de takes Mobile Android operating system under the microscope a drumbeat sounded recently from mountain view: Google announced the Android operating system” for smartphones. That this system 2009 come on the market, nobody has thought. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of PayNet on most websites. What’s in the new operating system, auvito.de has tested […]

New Commercial Total Solution For The Mac

Now even Apple users can manage their finances with the new Web-based Intrexx Financials can now write companies via browser bills and determine their profit – in the Office, in the Home Office or on the road. Fribourg, March 31, 2011. United planet offers a software suite with Intrexx already for years, with whose help […]

ECM Goes Mobile: Docuplex The Anywhere Office For Mobile Employees Realized

Process solutions for SMEs with docuplex a document management system the Hamburger norpa GmbH, specialist for process solutions for SMEs, offers docuplex to a document management system that addresses in particular small and medium-sized companies. The easy to use software is based on the principle of cloud storage. With additional functions, it now allows a […]

Kastner Marketing

Specialist publishers of Handelsblatt publishing group has a prominent Editorial Board in the life marketingIT.de for its Internet offering called 24.01.2011 Rohrbach/ILM: the publishing group Handelsblatt Publishing House has called for his website marketingIT.de a prominent Editorial Board in the life. Future of in addition to three other experts, professional, Patricia Kastner, founder and Managing […]

Free Online Classifieds Market

The regionally oriented offer brings the actual advantage in recent weeks and the classic online ad market in its various manifestations has replaced the classic online auction months. The reasons for this are complex. The fact is that especially the private users have migrated from the major providers of the auction and today abound in […]

AutoMAID Storage

First green, following the MAID 2.0 concept, high-performance SAS storage solution, the fixed-content data stored energy-efficient and provide leave WIESBADEN 2 June 2008 Nexsan offers the SASBoy now a more powerful product with high storage capacity for the archiving and delivery of fixed-content data. With SAS (serial attached SCSI) hard drives equipped storage solution works […]

DMS Market Overview

Just in time to the DMS EXPO the VOI brings out an updated edition of its popular market overview for document management systems (DMS) Association organisational and information systems e. v. Bonn. The comprehensive reference guide to help get you started in a DMS project because it simplifies searches for products and their comparison and […]

Managing Director

Banks get bad cooperation by CONET, mature from qinet and CONact solution to managing problem real estate as a software as a service, Frankfurt am Main, March 4, 2011. Everywhere in Europe, banks are currently called bath. One of its main tasks is the efficient management and safe handling of the parked at them”problem real […]