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Professional Direct MARKETING

2010, focusing on audience segments and the possibility of addressing individual target individuals open new book 1st Edition, issue an immense potential of the acquisition. Building and the systematic maintenance of customer relationships prove to be more than decisive factors for the long-term success of the company. There are many sources for the purchase of […]


The thoughts make up the emotions, behaviour of a human being and determine the emotions that make you happy or sad, rich or poor. Thoughts are the starting point of the actions and behaviours. Thoughts have the important characteristic of be created quickly and unconsciously, i.e. a person has no conscious control of their thoughts […]

CEO Andreas Chuck Bauer

Policy can contribute to the credibility of”the low credibility of social media is in our opinion repeatedly expressed criticism of the low density of journalistic quality. Companies can address this problem, by they train their employees in the passive and active use of social media”, says Lou Cloos by Cloos + partner. In the same […]

Advertising Structures

Advertising is a real incentive for any upward movement. This implies not only the activity of the company, though, of course, first of all just advertising for them – a particular need. Various kinds of advertising activities to date, used in our lives, in order to make it a little easier. Jeremy Tucker understood the […]

History Of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising has appeared in Russia recently, but now has become a full part of the urban space. Meanwhile, the ads appeared in the distant past and its history is more than one millennium. The researchers found that the first examples of outdoor advertising have appeared in the first millennium BC. Details can be found […]

Radio Advertising

If you want to be heard, the radio ads – the most effective way to achieve this! Along with low costs for creating and placing commercials, radio ads has a number of additional undisputed advantages. Audience How often do you listen to the radio? According to statistics, eight out of ten respondents listen to radio […]

London Underground

This article tells about the characteristics of outdoor advertising in Kharkov on transport: 1. A variety of locations and sizes. The system of road, rail, sea and air passenger and cargo Transport has a lot of places where you can place posters in different sizes. That is why many advertisers are willing to use it […]

HTML Articles

3) Create a plain text and HTML-version of the article. Many (most) of article directories do not allow you to include HTML-tags in the post, so that all your articles are doomed to live their lives as normal text. However, you must try to introduce a simple version of HTML-code: simply add to the existing […]

Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing Large format printing for outdoor use – it's an easy way to get large images and use them in any weather at any time of year. Persistence of prints when printing on banner and the film reaches three years, when printing on materials of European and American manufacturers. For short-term use can […]

Volga River

Large hexagonal crystals of salt formed by a hard frost is not higher than t -23 C. Academician Fersman call these crystals "remarkable stone flowers." Admixture of other substances can change the shape of the crystals. So admixture of urea and borax crystals make the 20-sided, 8-12-sided. Natural salt (halite) is rarely pure white. Jeremy […]