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Leading Position

The top event for the tourism industry trust Europe’s leading tool for online event registration and ticketing Munich amiando event, the pioneer of online event registration and ticketing strengthens its position in the Conference area and ticketing for the this year’s fvw Congress takes over the meeting place for decision-makers from business travel, tourism and […]

Well Assorted Emergency Kits With Liquid Binders

Accidents with hazardous liquids, speed is Trump In the daily work of dealing with dangerous liquids is a normal activity in many sectors. Despite careful work, accidents are never completely to exclude. In such cases quickly and specifically to reduce the damage, the transport and storage specialist Cain from Weinstadt of emergency kits to combat […]

Burgenland Ui Dialect

Burgenlandisches dialect dictionary – interactive dialect Burgenland does not represent a comprehensive dialect dictionary. The dialectal poet Hans H. Piff deals with the Burgenland ui dialect for many years and has an extensive collection of words in hianzisch, as well as phrases and published audio files. Twelve years ago, Hans H. Piff had the idea […]

Percent Home Mortgage Refinance Loan

Get as 2prozent home mortgage refinance loan with Obama s stimulus plan millions of homeowners are eligible take advantage of President Obama’s mortgage stimulus plan. Here, I have broken down the requirements and substantial benefits this government backed mortgage refinance plan offers, such as options to refinance into a fixed rate 2% home loan. Here […]

AKAD Hochschule Stuttgart

Motto: ‘Bachelor and master welcome!’ With the theme, the AKAD picks up University of Stuttgart the current discussion on the qualifications and capabilities of the graduates from the new courses, especially in medium-sized companies. Presentations by experts from companies and universities are on the program for this: 11.15: how to manage the integration of Bachelor’s […]

New Marketing Manager

Diploma in business administration brings foreign experience and industry know-how with Neu-Isenburg, December 15, 2009. The ReadSoft GmbH has hired for the position of Marketing Manager Gisela Wehrle now. Their task in particular, to strengthen its position as a market leader and to expand is the solution provider for the optimization of the purchase-to-pay and […]

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission

Elizabeth McKinney, Chief Executive Officer of the global project development Foundation “said: knowledge is power, and human rights education enables people to exploit all its possibilities, in the knowledge that their right to dignity and peace can refuse no law, no regulation and no person.” The this year’s human rights world tour of youth for […]

Anif Marketing

‘Its successful Internet marketing 2011’ – only a few places remaining free! Make it like Porsche, REYER, WIENER STDTISCHE and SKIDATA: Learn Internet marketing seminar in Salzburg at the this year’s one-day as you attract more customers and increase your revenue through effective online marketing. The international online marketing expert Michael Kapp conveys the necessary […]


1.4 trillion connections by end of 2020 Paderborn (Germany), 28 February 2012: According to leading analysts, the telematics sector of represents one of the greatest business opportunities for machine-to-machine (M2M). From less than 90 million connections globally in 2010 the automotive M2M market will grow to almost 1.4 billion connections by the end of 2020. […]