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Coach Licence Disc

Cologne Institute offers licensed disc train ER certifications Cologne, June 25, 2010: the German Institute for marketing certified trainers, consultants and coaches in the world’s leading disc personality model. Disc is the worldwide leading personality model and is used in the context of personnel selection and personnel development. With the help of certification extend trainer […]

Sven Nobereit Data

SuperComm data Marketing GmbH: Professional permission marketing ensures growth Bonn, July 2009: a new visitor record the trade fair demonstrated mailingtage 2009 end of June impressively in Nuremberg the resilience of the dialog and direct marketing. Around 400 international exhibitors this year, succeeded to convince the representatives of various sectors of the opportunities and perspectives […]

Agency Company

Many equate promotion with advertising. Certainly, these two expressions are intertwined, but there are small differences. Right and the target group-oriented advertising is extremely important for any company. Here too no matter big, whether the company itself with services or products. If the customers don’t know anything about the particular product, service, or the company […]