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WISKA Marketing

The consultancy specialising in India with plants in Bochum and New Delhi offers their services in the neighbouring country on March 01, 2010 Netherlands opened the German consulting firm Dr. Wamser + Batra GmbH its first representative office in the Netherlands. The company has focused on the monitoring of European companies to India, response to […]

Artland Marketing

Grosstmoglichster success for the craft trade enterprises aims through the bundling of several together coordinated marketing activities. Marketing is totally easy. “Quickly is an ad in the newspaper and already people are beating down the place me” who thinks so at the present time, will quickly realize that appropriate and effective advertising as no longer […]

Worthwhile Investment

Company mock – heating, plumbing, solar – informed In the course of the last decade the costs of fossil fuels are exploded. A more economical use of heating fuels is recommended not only out of consideration for the environment, but is in the financial interest of every real estate owner. As the heating expert Ralf […]

Istanbul Bilgi University

Franchise in Turkey has officially opened a new email and mobile marketing Amarok in Turkey with its own Office Amarok, one of the leading hosted E-marketing software, as well. Amarok has sealed the partnership with Turk ice ISection recently to offer a very competitive email and mobile marketing service Asia minor as well as Turkey. […]

Advisory Board Kal

Managing Director of Kal management services belongs Panel on food since 2006. Martina Kotter, Managing Director of control services, Kal was elected again to the Advisory Board of the Essen entrepreneurs Association (TEU). The Panel advises the association among others in strategic questions. I’m happy about this re-election and the associated confidence for my work […]

Masons Online

A new online platform changed the grave stone market every person must in life at some point with the topic of death deal. The death of a loved one is always a very difficult and emotional process. Against this background, the tombstone purchase is the persons concerned in most cases face major challenges. Tombstone Finder […]

Outsourcing Erfahrungen

Complex IT functions basically represent a very sensitive system, therefore increasing the risk of quality in the services with the technical demands of the company. This situation flows but often not enough in the evaluation processes of the company, if outsourcing decisions are prepared”, white re houses from his consulting experience. For example, possible discrepancies […]

Ardur Consulting

Ardour consulting: their experiences with outsourcing companies majority satisfied with the results of their outsourcing projects that assess companies in the last three years while mostly positive, see still a considerable need for learning internally as in dealing with the IT providers. Above all, they want to push according to a survey by ardour the […]

Agency Company

Many equate promotion with advertising. Certainly, these two expressions are intertwined, but there are small differences. Right and the target group-oriented advertising is extremely important for any company. Here too no matter big, whether the company itself with services or products. If the customers don’t know anything about the particular product, service, or the company […]