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Main Advantages

All plants to disinfect water and wastewater series of “Lazur-M” have the characteristics of the irradiation of microorganisms in line with international standards for more than 40 mJ / sm.kv that provides a high degree of disinfection virtually all types of microorganisms for the next 30 years, taking into account the ongoing adaptation of microflora […]

Praxys Interview

joined Home Page. In accordance with Reinaldo Light Saints, director of Marketing of the Producing Praxys Web, to dominate the use of the word-key is essential. Jeff Weiser recognizes the significance of this. They are placed in the codes of the pages, invisible the reader, but detected for the search instruments the challenge is to […]

Marketing Platform

It thinks about the possibility to develop a product in group. It is possible to find partners in a variety of branches, as generating, individuals with vast knowledge in its branch, desenvolvedores web, etc. D) Magnifying of the Canals of Marketing. This is one of the most important benefits to create partnerships. An equation one […]

Kotler Products

1 Available in: . Had access in 07/05/2010. 2 Line of stands in miniature created in 1968 for the Mattel manufacturer. Available in. had access in 16 of September of 2010. The academic scope, one gives credit that this project is excellent for working the question of the importance of design of products in the […]

An Integrated Approach To The Implementation Of Commercial Water And Heat Meters

In recent years, so are actively discussing the issue of energy saving, paying much attention to the variety of its components that are often behind the pine trees lose sight of the actual forest. So, in response to criticisms situation of heat supply in winters 2003 and 2005 recommendations were to focus on local sources […]