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When it is required more than one camera, you must enclose a such video switcher and shown in diagram 6. Any camera can be selected in order to be fixed on the screen or be assigned in sequential selection in turn across all cameras. Usually the time for each camera to be displayed on the […]

Milling Equipments

Despite the enormous literature on size reduction, milling is a unit operation which has not sound underlying theory comparable to those existing for other unit operations. The design of ball mill equipment for a given application is based on accumulated experiences of the manufactures. It is not for lack of either interest or investigation that […]


If we have to give something, think of a netbook as something possible and not so distant. The large number of models and brands that currently exist increase competition and allow lower prices drastically, increasingly more, and in the future a lot more. The large amount of discounts that offer the home appliances to compete, […]


All employers know that we are going through a time where spending cuts is something essential to be able to spend the month as befits, is also true that employers should think seriously about things cut the budget to avoid mistakes. Do they ask, because no cut in advertising gifts? There is where you are […]

Aplus Field Marketing

And, given that a lapse of considerable time may elapse since the consumer sees the announcement on TV until he goes to the store, at the point of sale promotions are an alternative more important than ever. Responsible for the study analysed a large number of buying decisions to see to what extent planned in […]

European Parking

High profitability of a real estate investment within the market of parking in Budapest due to the historical background and the original urban layout of Budapest, currently there is a shortage in the supply of garages. This shortage occurred since not originally established the need for a vehicle, reason why the design of Budapest not […]