TDI Engine

In addition, restyled bumpers and raised the grille, tail lights appeared in LEDs, and the cabin is slightly changed the center console. Along with restyled Yaris in early September, will begin selling Toyota Auris hatchbacks with new engines and six-speed transmissions. Prices will rise by an average of 20%. In place of the engine to 1.4 (97 hp) came a new aggregate volume of 1.33 liters (101 hp) – this Auris will cost 710 000 rubles. Engine 1.6 boosted from 124 to 132 hp (from 814 500 rubles), and the most powerful Auris will now be equipped with engine 1.8 (147 hp) – such pyatidverka with a manual transmission, climate control and alloy wheels estimated at 860 500 rubles. Russia helped build to keep prices at acceptable levels with updated special model Octavia.

In September, will start selling “charged” hatchbacks and station wagons Skoda Octavia RS with the 200-horsepower motor-rum 2.0 TSI and preselektivnoy gearbox DSG (versions with the “mechanics” we will not be). The price is very under-attractiveness of 989 000 rubles, as against 1.127 million rubles for soplatformenny Volkswagen Golf GTI (210 hp). RS-wagon will cost 60 thousand rubles more expensive than the hatchback, and in October dealers will wheel-drive wagon Skoda Octavia Scout (1,8 l, 152 hp) at a price of 969 000 rubles. The basic package includes both versions four airbags, stability, dual-zone climate control, heated the front seats and a CD-changer. In late July began selling full-size SUV from Hyundai ix55 turbodiesel V6 3.0 CRDI 239 HP capacity Price – from 1.66 million rubles to 16 rubles more expensive version with a gasoline engine V6 3.8 (260 hp). Reception of orders on the updated Land Rover SUVs Discoveryi Range Rover Sport (AP 9, 2009), “living” machines should be available at dealers in late October. Restyled Discovery is not only appreciated by 19%, but lost the most basic version available S.


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