The Customer

Reference points are shown heat losses realized heating projects, design and installation are performed by specialists of 'Ing-In'. It is easy to see that the specific heating power is reduced from the value of 127 W/m2 for houses smaller area (100-150 m2) up to 85-80 W/m2 houses with floor space of 400-500 m2, which corresponds somewhat formulaic value of 100 W/m2, which is commonly used for the preliminary selection of equipment. Explains this apparent paradox by the fact that detached house at area has less than a rational distribution of space in terms of heat engineering. For example, in a theoretical 2-storey building area of around 150 m2 with 4 rooms per floor – all rooms are angled, and except for heat loss through walls and windows will be heat loss through the floor on a floor and a roof on a 2-m. With the growth of the total area of the house there are areas adjacent to the heated, as well as internal (no exterior walls) room.

On this basis, the specific heat loss from the building down. Averaged power system radiator heating for houses of various sizes are shown in the table in the 'Heating, KW'. The values in this column does not depend on the type of heating appliances selected by the Customer (panel, pipe or sectional radiators, convectors), averaged over the number of which is shown in the table in the 'Number of devices. " Table of the main options for calculating the capacity of the boiler.

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