The Haloid Company

On October 22, 1938, when he was only 32 years old, he created the first xerographic image. The process took its name from the Greek words corresponding to dry and writing. But did not find any company interested in developing his discovery. It was until 1958 the corporation called The Haloid Company (now Xerox), opted for this discovery, which launched the first commercial Copier from that year. The product was the automatic photocopier in plain paper Office Xerox 914, which Fortune magazine named as the all-time most successful product marketed in the United States of America. Carlson achievement enjoy economic gains, which led him to become a millionaire.

Man good, discreet and charitable, as well as inventor he dedicated himself to helping others. Much of its wealth the employment in assisting universities in his country with scholarships, research, cutting-edge technology to boost the creative talent of the students. The company Xerox awarded annually an award dedicated to the memory of Chester Carlson, who presented some innovation in engineering and which contributes significantly to the profession. It is worth mentioning that the companies that rejected the invention of the Xerox Copier include; IBM, General Electric and RCA. Today Xerox made alliances to enhance its presence in the SoHo (small office, Home Office) market. To do this they have signed an agreement by which have developed a new advanced technology for inkjet that wish to compete with its main rival, HP. multifunctional Xerox official distributors of Xerox since 10 years ago, Xerox copiers are mincers for being pioneers in the industry, offer a range of great products for all needs of Office with excellent quality.

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