The Peruvian

Consequently often it exists tariff measures to protect the national industry, but when one is integrated states in one only it is clear that these do not exist protectionistic measures. Tambin is clear that the companies that leave the market are inefficient and the state cannot or does not have to protect to the same, because to do it atentara against the market. 2) That the national concept of soberana in the integration processes is reduced towards outside. Since the states work from integration towards outside like parts of a great state but that is considered like a suprastate or supranacin. That is to say, the concept of soberana vara which is necessary to consider at the time of studying the right of integration. 3) That mrgenes of gain tends to lower or to fall. Consequently it is clear that the production on a greater scale is due to prefer.

Thus it is clear that the integration has dangers that is necessary to study and to come up, because but it is possible to be attempted against the market. 7. LOCATION Is advisable in all work of investigation that determines the location of the branch of the studied right, in such sense constitutes this soothes to determine the location of the studied branch as it is by the way straight of integration. The right of integration for some authors is located in the pblico international right, for other authors is located in the private international right, that is to say, for both it is located in the international right, but for others it is clear that the right of integration is located in a proper field of this branch of the right, that is to say, for these treaty writers this branch of the right is not located within the international right but integracin is autnoma consequently we must consider all these positions for a better study of the present work of investigation on the right, which as much lack does to the Peruvian right, foreign and tambin mainly to the compared right.

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