Toledo Groups

Another if you send you procedais against the encomenderos, chieftains and principal and others who had made bad treatments and other grievances in any way, proceeding against them and thus same proveereis and ye shall give order as Indian sayings are reduced to villages so that better sean invader and maintained in justice and have their well-founded republics and govern together, giving them Ordinances and way of life; keeping more of the above (13). Precisely with these provisions, the viceroy Toledo prioritised the reductions of the ethnic groups of the Qaracha basin, that by then the ethnic groups continued to dominate their land, living in Prehispanic styles. Union of the QELLOMAYO River and QATUNMAYU to form the basin of QARACHA _ (13) Ibid: XI. Ethnic groups of the basin of QARACHA – XVI (map 01) reducing the LUCANA – ANDAMARCAS indigenous Lucanas-Andamarcas to 1570, continued populating in the Highlands, to the Summit of the hills, in Kano, Willkarama, Aukimarca, Qulqi Takana, populated indigenous people where their citadels were fortified and almost always built in the Highlands, on the summits of the hills, with circular houses, based on irregular stones built polygonal styled by the outer faces, mortar that linked him was clay, lime and sand ground, while the internal part of the houses were without buffing, with walls of double-walled, mostly Keystone door and a lintel with rectangular block. Cylindrical houses were isolated from each other, in the part superior walls they established one or two Windows for the aeration and observation, usually were single-storey and single room with ceilings of ichu and Woods in the area, with a diameter of 2 m to 2.50 m little narrow for an extended family, therefore holding the Lucanas-Andamarcas built their houses only shelters for the night and frigidos wintersWhile the greater part of their lives spent in the agricultural and livestock fields.

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