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Aromadizayn – exposure with aromatic plants, essential oils and other flavors for a specific purpose: to increase productivity, harmonious relations in the workplace, to attract customers. The main difference from other types of aromadizayna marketing communications is the opportunity to experience the visitor all the senses priorities of the goods, services, corporate identity firm. There are many ways attract the attention of buyers, but they are mainly focused on visual and auditory information channels. Recent studies have shown that it is smelling the most effective means of communication between man and the world around him, because it transmits signals directly to the part of the brain that is responsible for our emotions. Consequently, this feature can and should be used in technology PR, in order to increase demand for goods and services. Studio aromadizayna "Kem Club" offers you the opportunity to influence the olfactory channels their customers using professional equipment to the premises and special flavor aromatic oils (Dale Air United Kingdom).

We offer quality equipment, free travel specialist who will make a competent selection of flavors according to the type of your business. The sense of smell – this is the way of perceiving the world, which does not lend itself to any particular explanation. Information obtained human olfactory organs, has an immediate impact on the adoption of a decision. Smell – element of an amazing and undefined, the element, which has authority over our conscious and unconscious desires. With the smell can change the emotional state: a simple sensation of a flavor can lead to a change of mood.

He also has an amazing ability to bring imagination and memory, such as sweet notes of vanilla reminiscent of home baked goods, ice cream, in general, represents maternal warmth and affection for the child. And the smell was present in the solution of complex problems can cause stress, if the participant to meet with him later. Instant characteristic smells associated with any event the last was a real inspiration for an endless source of marketers who, having studied this amazing quality, have formed a separate area of marketing – aromamarketing, that is, the sales system, based which is able to influence human behavior, the influence of odors, a mysterious sound that lifts the mood of customers and hence increases profits. (Fragrance in the store without any design tweaks and expanding the range able to lift sales by 15%) in the world aromamarketing has been around for 20 years, in Russia – about three, but is developing aroma industry, beating at the weakest point our consciousness rapidly, many realize that the scent, as well as an attractive interior, good music, as an instrument of seduction and, therefore, part of strategy to stimulate sales forming a unique image and distinctive culture of the company. The goal of our studio aromadizayna: taboo, not only to unwanted odors of the environment, but also to surround themselves with appropriate scents in many different environment – from the office and small cafe, a shopping hall and a cinema! Anna Dzhurayev

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