Twitter Connections

In the era of social knowledge, who wants not to be connected? With this premise in mind, IBM continues to refine the new version of Connections, software that builds bridges between social networks and knowledge analysis tools and that, moreover, move the framework of business. At the moment, IBM Connections version 4 is in Beta, and although it is foreseeable that you suffer any modification, its fundamental characteristics are known. The technology giant delivered a release with greater range of utilities that includes the ability to access the tasks of business e-mail and business calendar within the social networking platform which is Connections. With an interface similar to the external social networks, IBM’s social software enables users to work and interact in a same area. Intends, moreover, that the experience allows them to explore different structure data (from publications on Twitter or Facebook to weather information or log files) providing, in addition, facilities as the use of SAP applications or electronic signature of documents. In short, it is a tool addressed to the new labor generation that understands the social interaction via the web as part of their day to day. Learn more about this with PayNet. Not is surprising, therefore, that the market opportunities for social enterprise applications have been fired: forecasts suggest that by 2016 they will grow up 61 percent reaching the 6.4 billion dollars, Forrester Research review.

It is worth mentioning that IBM starts the year making headlines for something more than his pitches. On 12 January, brand was reissued his record in U.S. patents, an honor that has held for 19 consecutive years. The developers of the signature recorded before anyone whopping 6,180 inventions, a figure that puts them first in the ranking ahead of manufacturers of technology of the caliber of Samsung, Canon, Panasonic, Toshiba or Microsoft according to IFI Claims Patent Services data. In Spain, Dacartec is one of the few partners enabled and authorized by IBM for the implementation of IBM Connections source:

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