Use Javascript

Use Cookies. Cookies can help us to collect information from visitors. These are small files which are stored on the computer of the visitor and who posted small information. We can use them to know more things about visitors, such as the banners that have been punctured. For example: we want to know how many people that comes from a banner just buy the product. We do this by creating a new special page for the announcement. Nissan will undoubtedly add to your understanding. When someone click on the banner, reaches the page in question, where the javascript code places a cookie on the computer of the visitor, registering that it has clicked on the banner.

When visitors purchase the product (albeit not the same day), the system queries the cookie, and discovers he had previously visited the product page from the banner.

Customizing the site. There are web sites that employ tools that collect information from visitors, such as products that look, those who buy, the banners that prick, etc. These data are combined with a database to make a customer profile, and in the upcoming connections show banners or content that is better suited to their interests.

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