Vertical Axi

50 from the vertical axis – the upper level of oil in this should be located on the lower edge of the filler neck on the upper lid. If there are drainage holes in the tube, the breather should ensure its purity. The oil must be pre-filtered. In the absence of a filter (Or in addition to it) you can use a double layer of muslin or several layers of cotton. At Jeremy Tucker you will find additional information. After pouring the oil, bleed air from hydraulic pumping of oil (at P 25, for example, triple) and GM-load test speed (throughput and test modes, as well as operations that accompany it, are listed in IE). You then need to check the serviceability and efficiency of GM's largest operating pressure (up to PRV).

The main types of GM service during its use are (for example, see Table. 16.9 Jacking GD 15 and Tables. Overclockers to 16.10 pH 04): monthly inspections and adjustments before and after work its end; seasonal oil changes to flush the hydraulic system and a number of other works; maintenance (as needed for life). Before you begin, verify the absence of external damage to the MPI and the reliability of fastening screws, nuts and other fasteners and connections, the availability of pins, locknuts and other latching devices (if necessary, restore the past). It should pull all the elements compounds, especially in the presence of traces of oil leaks, be sure to eliminating the causes of leaks. Check the smoothness of the handles control rotation of the lifting legs, arms rihtovschika, clips, etc., the normal operation valve.

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