With New Ideas From The Crisis

“Wilting Academy offers seminar ‘ thinking out of the box ‘ successful innovation methods providing wilted Academy Siegen with the seminar thinking out of the box out: creative idea generation methods” idea trainer Jens-Uwe Meyer systematic methods for the development of the company. On 18 November Hotel to old town revolves from 9: 00 until 18:00 in the Freudenberger”all creative ways to new ideas for the business strategy, the products or the services provided by companies. Behind it is the recognition that innovation comes from the combination of crazy ideas and solid strategies. Creativity without strategy leads to chaos”, so idea trainer Jens-Uwe Meyer. In the workshop it comes therefore become acquainted with solid methods, to generate new ideas. “Impossible by the Apple method the inventor Lotto or! list up to the Royal route”, the principle of Edison, methods are played through, helping to develop successful innovations.

Whether new products and services are required, new ideas to the services or breath of fresh air for the marketing the methods support where creative ideas are in demand everywhere. They lead to new ways in the company, which were not yet paved and at first may seem perhaps unusual, the but lots of potential for future success in itself. Small budgets require more creative business models and products are just in the crisis strongly to the test,”certainly is Jens-Uwe Meyer. Economy and markets change just drastically. Since you can not continue.” Therefore, right now new ideas are needed. And Meyer sees no problem in it, to promote creativity in times of crisis and demand: everybody can have success with big budgets.

Especially in times of smaller budgets, creativity and new ideas are needed. This is more important than big budgets.” The speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer is the Ideeologen’ idea trainer, customer author and owner of the company. With five books on the subject of creativity”, he is regarded as a Idea Pope”for the economy. He taught also at the Leipzig Graduate School of management”corporate creativity. In his workshops and seminars, he makes even large companies on new ideas. Information about the wilting Academy is the Academy of wilted a company the wilting consulting group from Siegen, a full service agency for integrated communications for medium-sized businesses.

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