Monthly Archives: October, 2011

Telephone Directory Lipetsk

Information Call Center 4.4.32 known in the market of information services since March 2004. Geography of – the city of Lipetsk, Lipetsk region. We offer advertising services to industrial enterprises, shops and entrepreneurs, ie, for organizations of all areas and activities. The number of customers Inform-bureau 04.04.32 increases every year, at the expense of our […]

Writing Board

And all these friends – its potential customers, so such Action you will most likely not see, and do not see. Writing Board considered above the girl that she understood everything and had taken into account, not offended – it is a science. Photographer must be a psychologist and marketing. But first, he must still […]

How To Be Interviewed

How to be interviewed. This paper will be useful for beginners to specialists, are just starting to build a career and working people who have decided to change his old job. From where do you start looking for a job? And as organize the process? The question is simple … but, unfortunately, not only novice […]