Using AutoCad particularly attractive by the fact that this is the most common program among architects around the world. This has several advantages. By the brightest of which are: the ability to easily share their operating time without having to transfer to a special format, with colleagues from around the world, the large number of developments for AutoCad, on public sites, the large number of software solutions Regardless of what you would get with a combination of primitives (wall, table or fence), AutoCad will still be understood as a set of rectangles, circles and lines, as well as you would call this set, no matter he does not. And sorry, when all these advantages, thwarted only by the fact that representatives of both titles, "old school" who had studied back in the 90s or earlier, simply not trained to use AutoCad. They are just that nobody taught. But for these people There are special courses AutoCad, where they may for a short period of time (around 1-2 months) to master this wonderful software package. For those who fear an inability to work with computers and other similar bullshit, I say at once: AutoCad is just a tool, such as pencil, ruler and compass, just that he is more functional and convenient." If a person has the theoretical knowledge, and able to build a blueprint in mind, it really put it into monitor using AutoCad, he could without any problems. On this there is nothing to fear, you just need to take and do, and AutoCad is just a tool with which to make faster and more convenient.

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