Building Company Loyalty

Obviously, the turnover was ridiculous compared to the company but, although he never knew, allowed us to build customer loyalty in other ways, as we in the philosophy of full service and they call us for any issue related to information technology, new networks, new custom software, etc.. However, what most have left their mark on my system is working. He went out to walk on the street with his bag at 8:30 in the morning and not returning home until they got the number of orders it had set itself the objective, or until they had enough. And so day after day, from morning till night. We had come to serve orders chemists, bars, gas stations and individuals. And if a week is not had accomplished its goals, went to work on Saturdays.

I’d say, do not have to do it, he said “is what I have done all my life.” Our relationship lasted just under a year. One night I said that one of my clients hardware sector had been offered a job representative before accepting it and wanted to talk. We discussed it and accepted the job that lasted until retirement, it took me three weeks to find a new commercial, but I learned the value of the record, although I must admit that I have never reached their level. 6 – Comparison between the two cases If we analyze both cases based on the results – revenue generated – it would be clear from the point of view of the company that won the first example is much more “money”, if however, is not so clear if we analyze the case in its entirety.

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